Just so you know… For this post I was sent a free item of clothing in exchange for a review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and I am completely honest in sharing the pros and cons about this item and/or company. 

This is my first review on the blog and I want it to be truly helpful to you! I will not only aim to talk openly about both the pros and cons of this dress, I will also provide you with some fashion inspiration around the item so that whether you ever buy something from Pink Blush, you have some great takeaways from this post!

And don’t forget to enter on Instagram for the other freebie I’m offering with this review: a $75 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity. Here’s a free tip: Almost all their maternity dresses (including this one) work whether or not you’re pregnant! Also, you have a pretty good chance of winning this giveaway because I’m still a fairly new blogger and there probably won’t be a bajillion entries! 😉 So get your booty over there, girl!

How I learned about Pink Blush & my first impressions

I think I first came across Pink Blush on Instagram when my friend tagged me in a giveaway. She actually ended up winning that giveaway and when she sent me the link to what she planned to buy, I was drooling. I just remember it was a top in a luscious pink (the kind you want to eat) and had lace detailing on the neckline. Since then I’ve seen Pink Blush appear elsewhere and I’ve browsed their cute maternity clothes during sales. I was awed by their unabashedly feminine designs. So. much. class.

Pink Blush carries both maternity and non-maternity clothing. A perk of their maternity clothing is that much of the pieces work outside of pregnancy too!

I’ve scoured the internet for maternity clothing options during this pregnancy, especially as I’ve been sharing how I put together my maternity capsule wardrobe. Bear in mind I am the kind of penny-pincher that expects to find any article of clothing for less than $25. Although Pink Blush is not the cheapest of my favorite options, it is by far the prettiest—and not outside what I’m willing to pay. When it comes to Pink Blush maternity, I would spend another $10-$20. They’re just that unique.

 Snapshot of www.pin kblushmaternity.com Snapshot of www.pin kblushmaternity.com

And if you shop their awesome clearance section or use a coupon code, combined with their always free shipping on any amount, you can actually snag very reasonable deals. (By the way, if you sign up to hear about their sales, you’ll receive 15% off your first order.)

At the time of this post they are also offering the coupon code TAKEFIFTY to get an additional 50% off their clearance selection. You guys! Combined with their free shipping, this is a deal!

So, amazed by their beautiful, unique selection of pregnancy clothes, I reached out to them about collaborating. This was a company I wanted to share with you all!

Before diving into the pros and cons of the Mint Green Damask Bottom Maternity Maxi Dress I’m styling, here are some photos of how it looks at various pregnancy stages and some ideas for “remixing” it into different outfits.

Empire Waist Maxi Dress In 3 Pregnancy Stages

Thanks to my beautiful sis who is also expecting, I was able to capture what the dress looks like in different stages. (No, we’re not twins.)

5 Ways to Style an Empire Waist Maxi Dress

#1 Spring/Summer: Accent Necklace + Silver sandals


#2 Spring/Summer: Braided belt + Crochet vest + Flip-flops


#3 Spring/Summer/Fall: Pendant Necklace + Denim Jacket + Leather Sandals

#4 Fall/Winter/Spring: Shirt/Blouse Over Dress + Necklace

#5 Fall/Winter: Scarf + Denim Jacket + Boots


  • Unique. The damask dress pattern and colors are on point, and so different to what you see in most box stores. They have so many other dresses as well as tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. This maxi dress also comes in 6 other color variations.

  • Versatile- in & out of pregnancy. Most of their dresses, including this one, work perfectly whether you’re pregnant or not! I just love this because it means my purchases with them will last in and out of future pregnancies. (Lol, that makes it sound like I’m planning to have a ton of kids. Er, future handful of pregnancies! Does that still sound like a lot?)

  • Quality. The top part is double-lined and the skirt is a blend of polyester and spandex with a thick, luxurious feel. This means it doesn’t cling to your bum like cotton maxi dresses often do!

  • Price. Shopping their huge clearance section, combining it with a coupon (TAKEFIFTY for 50% more off at the time of this post), and getting free shipping makes for very affordable clothing! Full price for this dress is $79 but it’s on clearance for $59. Get it for $30 with TAKEFIFTY and as always, get free shipping! I’d be hardpressed to get that kind of deal on a Motherhood Maternity dress…


  • Length of dress. Granted this is only a con for short to medium-height women and a pro for tall women, but at 5′ 6” I needed to bring the hem up by 2.5 inches. Thankfully my beautiful sis not only helped me model this with her 16 week bump, she also provided her sewing skills! ‘Cause I can’t sew two stitches straight to save my life.

  • Price. Yes I listed this as both a pro and con. You can snag some great deals quite easily, but their full price is not necessarily cheap!

Overall impression

I love this company. This gorgeous dress is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if I hadn’t received a free dress from them I personally would buy at least 1-2 items during my pregnancy, knowing I could enjoy them after baby arrives too. 

Their clothing makes you feel beautiful and feminine whether you wear them around the house or add some cute shoes and jewelry for your baby shower.

It’s a great store to keep in mind when you just need that extra punch of drop-dead-gorgeous in your maternity wardrobe, and nothing at Target, H&M or Motherhood Maternity quite cuts it.

Browse their selection for yourself

Maternity Clothes

Nursing Clothes

Women’s Clothes (Non-Maternity)


Clearance (Maternity)

Clearance (Non-Maternity)

Now it’s your turn…

Had you heard of Pink Blush before? What is your favorite maternity store? Let us know in the comments below!

5 ways to style one maternity maxi dress and shows how it looks prior to pregnancy and during the second and third trimesters. // Ways to wear spring & summer maxi dress // Mom fashion // How to style maxi dress // Feminine maternity #outfitideas #fashion #maternity #pregnancy

5 ways to style one maternity maxi dress and shows how it looks prior to pregnancy and during the second and third trimesters. // Ways to wear spring & summer maxi dress // Mom fashion // How to style maxi dress // Feminine maternity #outfitideas #fashion #maternity #pregnancy