Favorite Places To Shop

My go-to places for great deals and cute style.

Old Navy (www.oldnavy.comBoth in store and online, this is a trusty destination for me. I especially love their tanks, cardigans, and shirts. I also got several of my maternity pieces online. A few of my friends are devoted to their line of jeans. They do send great coupons over email so sign up if you’d like an extra discount. I almost always shop their clearance or sales section. Additional cash back available from: Swagbucks*, Ebates*, and Saving Star*.

Target (www.target.com) At Target, you can always rest assured you’re buying clothes that are trending. They only stock the latest styles, making it easy to update your wardrobe by browsing their selection. My default way to shop at Target is online, using coupon codes and shipping to store for pickup so that I don’t pay shipping. Returns are easy too– just return at the customer service counter where you picked it up if you find it doesn’t fit right after trying it on in the dressing room. Additional cash back available from: Swagbucks*, Ebates*, and Saving Star*.

GroopDealz (www.groopdealz.comThis website is similar to Groupon in that you get huge discounts (up to 85%) from different businesses because of group orders. They are constantly changing what’s in stock and sales have a timer on them. What I love about them: all their stuff is trending and super cute. Also, your shipping cost is slashed with each item you add to your order (as long as it’s from the same vendor.) Check them out! I recommend signing up for their emails to see deals as soon as they’re available (once you’ve found the items you’re looking for, just unsubscribe temporarily to stop the flow of temptation; that’s what I had to do, haha!). Additional cash back available from: Swagbucks.

Amazon (www.amazon.com) Gotta include this well-loved resource! My favorite way to shop Amazon Fashion is to only start browsing after I have narrowed the price range and size down to my preference. That way I’m only seeing stuff that is on sale or clearance. You can find some AMAZing deals! (Like what I did there?) Try it out: start with, say, skirts, and narrow down the price/size/discount/you-name-it in the sidebar. If you have Amazon Prime membership, this may be the cheapest way for you to shop! Additional cash back available from: SwagbucksEbates.

Kohl’s (www.kohls.comWhether you’re shopping in-store or online, hit the sales and clearance sections. This is where I score my best deals such as shirts and pants at $10 or less. Signing up for their email list might also be worth it; they send some great coupons or “Kohl’s cash” offers. Additional cash back available from: SwagbucksEbates, and Saving Star.

Forever 21 (www.forever21.com) I know, I know. I’m way past 21. But while lots of their stuff is way trendier than I’m comfortable in, they do have great deals on accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, head bands), shirts, and pants. They also have a killer deal on spaghetti-strap camis: $1.90/each! Additional cash back available from: SwagbucksEbates.

Consignment (no link!) Can’t point you to a website here, ladies. But if I looked back on where I’ve purchased most of my clothes the last five years it would definitely be from thrift stores and consignment shops! Find one in your town and give it a try. Quality varies from store to store, but after some hit-and-miss you might just find yourself a gem. You will probably find yourself going back time after time. Don’t forget to re-consign anything you purge from your closet! Well, unless it’s got stains or holes. Then just toss it 😉

*What is Swagbucks, SavingStar and Ebates? More about that here.

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