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What clothes should a mom have in her wardrobe to create chic but comfortable outfits? You’ll find it all here.

7 Spring Wardrobe Essentials That Transition To Summer

A few weeks back I put together a list of pieces you can shop for at the beginning of spring to take you through summer. Since it’s now summer, think about what pieces you can be purchasing that will also work next spring.

Just a little forethought is all it takes to insure everything you buy goes the extra mile for you. Or should I say, the extra season 🙂 Head over to see my list and accompanying outfit…

What to Wear to Flatter Your Body Shape (Are you a spoon body shape? Pear? Apple?)

One of the number one frustrations that you all write to me about is not knowing what to wear for your body type.

Being comfortable in your own skin starts with understanding your dimensions, embracing the way God created you, and then learning which clothing cuts look best on you!

Read more to find out your shape and what you should wear (and avoid wearing)…

Basic Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe (86+ Outfits) for Stay-at-Home Moms

Let’s make this spring/summer our most stylish, un-frumpy seasons yet! This capsule wardrobe plan for stay at home and work at home moms contains 41 items that mix and re-mix to create over 86 unique outfits.

No more standing at your closet trying to decide what to wear. With this wardrobe plan, you’ll be able to pick pieces in your sleep and still look amazing! 🙂

How to plan for a better mom wardrobe this new year (with free printable!)

If you’re tired of your existing wardrobe or bored of the outfits you usually wear, I’ve written a post for YOU. The new year is the perfect time to revamp your existing wardrobe, and I’m going to show you how to do it on The Expecting Mamas Network today.

I’m not gonna lie, this post was SUPER fun to write. And the printable I made to accompany it had me jittery with excitement! If you like filling things out, you’re going to get jittery too. So…

5 Chic Accessories for Effortless Fall Style

Today guest blogger Emily Lindsey is sharing her favorite fall picks for mamas. Thank you girl, for finding us some affordable items to add some ZING to our fall wardrobes!

Mamas, look out for fashion items you love… adding just one or two accessories to your wardrobe can help spice up several of your outfits. I love that Emily chose pieces that can get added to almost any of your fall mom outfits…