Shopping Guide for the Women’s Essentials Style Guide (4th Ed.)

This shopping guide has been updated February 2022 for the enjoyment of the earliest customers! Be sure to bookmark this page for your future reference as it is an expiring bonus.

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Bonus: Shopping Directory List PDF

In addition to our specific item recommendations in this Shopping Guide, you may enjoy using our comprehensive Shopping Directory... a quick reference list of the best clothing stores recommended by our Frump Fighters community.

It includes a breakdown of price range, clothing styles, and return policy for each store listed in the following categories:

  • In-Store & Online
  • Plus-Size-Only Shops
  • Stores with Petite Sizes
  • Stores with Tall Sizes
  • Maternity & Nursing
  • Online Thrift Shops
  • Online Ethical Shops
  • Clothing Subscription Services
Best affordable quality clothing stores. Free PDF list. Plus size, petite, nursing/maternity, ethical shops and more.

Exact Pieces

This section provides links for all the exact example pieces in the capsule plan.

NOTE: Exact pieces won’t last long due to the nature of inventory. It’s likely many will be sold out. However remember you do not need the exact items, they are simply examples! Use the large section below this one for “Similar Items” for all the categories.

Similar Pieces

This section provides options from Amazon, Target, H&M & Old Navy for pieces that meet the specifications of the capsule plan.

You’ll find both regular and plus size options here.

Tops: Regular

Tops: Plus Size

Dresses: Regular


Dresses: Plus Size


Bottoms: Regular

Bottoms: Plus Size

Completer Pieces: Regular


Completer Pieces: Plus Size