Ordering A Hard Copy Of The Frumpy
To Fabulous Companion Workbook


My printer (The Homeschool Printing Company) offers a spiral-bound and full color print job for around $11. They provide the lowest printing cost on individual book orders that I have found. Most office stores charge over $60 for the same job!

To get a full color and spiral-bound booklet, follow these recommendations.

Print Order Recommendations

  1. Visit The Homeschool Printing Company’s ordering page at: https://thehomeschoolprintingcompany.com/online-ordering/

  2. Read their instructions and then click next.

  3. Enter your contact info on the next page and click next.

  4. Upload your Full Frumpy to Fabulous Workbook PDF file. To download the file again, go to the download section in your curriculum.

  5. After uploading the PDF file, checkmark the box about affirming that you have been granted permission to print your ebook. (Our terms and conditions allow you to print one personal copy.)

  6. For the printing specifications, use these recommended settings:

    1. How many pages are in this PDF? –> 100

    2. How many copies do you want printed? –> 1

    3. Paper options –> 24-lb

    4. Print Options –> Double-sided Color

    5. How should we flip the paper? –> On the long-edge

    6. Finishing Options –> Spiral-binding

    7. How should we bind this PDF? –> On the long edge

  7. On the next page, choose your preferred shipping option and click next.

  8. On the final “Review Your Order” page, review your total, check mark that you agree to everything, and click “Place My Order!”

I know you’ll love having your workbook in print!

Email me at corina@nowthaticando.com if you have any questions.

NOTE: The Homeschool Printing Company is a growing business and has experienced some long delivery times in the past depending on the amount of incoming orders (3-6 weeks at times). If you’d like to check their current turn-around time, email them first at thehomeschoolprintingcompany@gmail.com