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While it’s on the way to your inbox, I wanted to share a quick story I received recently that pretty much explains what my blog is about.

Maggie, mom of 5 small children shared this with me:

“Every day was a struggle of “what do I wear?” Loaded closets and drawers of outdated, ill-fitting or just not comfortable clothing stressed me out.

As a mom of five small children, get ting dressed in something I felt good in was “one more thing” to add to the “to do” list, and just didn’t happen.

No time for shopping or keeping up with trends led to a very frumpy (or “motherly”, as my husband calls it) look.

Going out was so frustrating as I tried to round up something decent to wear – only to get out in public and realize my outfit was a complete fail.

If I did manage to go shopping for me I made the mistake of going for the trendy statement pieces that really didn’t fit in anywhere.”

Maggie pretty much told my own story.

I had closets loaded with clothes that stressed me out.

I didn’t know what kinds of clothes to keep or buy.

And I didn’t know how to put them together into outfits that went beyond “jeans and a tee.”

That’s why I decided to research and put together a wardrobe plan of what to own to achieve that “cute mom” look.

(And that wardrobe plan is headed to your inbox now!)

But I didn’t stop there. 

Because the truth is, even when I had all the right clothes, I still too easily defaulted to wearing the same few outfits over and over again!

I realized that I needed to learn how to put together outfits that I could be confident in. Like, Joanna Gaines confident.

That’s when I decided to find all the possible on-trend ways to combine the cute pieces in my closet.

I created a book with 288 outfit ideas that I could refer to easily every day. 

And today you’re getting a preview of the calendar printable that plans those outfits out for the month!

Maggie continued her story, sharing what the outfit ideas have done for her:

I ordered [it]… and overhauled everything! A color palette?? Genius! Everything coordinating?? Awesome. It took a few months to get it together, but shopping (Goodwill, Amazon, anywhere else) was suddenly fun because I knew what I was looking for! 

Since then, I have gotten up… and got completely dressed – EVERY day! Of course, then hair and make-up get done. And my days have been SO MUCH more productive! I’m not joking. Unexpected guests or quick trips to run errands never have me scrambling to get presentable.

Vacation packing is a breeze. I check the weather for where we are going, pick the appropriate outfits and am packed in no time and always feel put-together.

Loving looking fabulous but still able to function as a busy mom.

It was so fabulous to read this! And it’s been such a joy to receive many testimonials just like it from other moms using the the outfit ideas.

Maggie used my most popular pack of outfit ideas (The Stay-At-Home Mom Year-Round Outfits). 

The second part of the freebie that you just signed up for is a preview of the calendar with these outfit ideas (you’ll get the current month of outfits).

Right now, I’d love to offer you 50% off if you’d like to grab the entire calendar with 12 months of outfit ideas. 

Fun facts about the What to Wear Calendar:

✔ Uses 288 outfit ideas designed with moms in mind.

 You’ll never wear the same outfit more than 3 times all year long.

 Outfits are drawn from the appropriate season throughout the year so you’re cool in summer and warm in winter (if you’re in the southern hemisphere you can simply reverse the months you use).

 Outfits have at least a month before they are repeated again. Almost never wear the same top twice within a week.

 One dressier outfit idea is included per week (assigned to Sundays by default).

 Each month includes special note sections including “My favorite outfits”, “Special Events” for planning outfits ahead, and “What to buy this month.”

 Includes a Jan-Dec 2019 dated calendar PLUS an undated version so that you can use it for years to come.

This is a no-risk offer because I give full refunds within 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied.

Get 50% OFF the whole calendar for the next 15 minutes…

Includes undated version of the calendar.

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