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Do you want your kids to learn to dress themselves?

I’ve created “Get Dressed” cheat sheets that take the capsule essentials and visually show kids how to put together an outfit for each time of year!

Boy’s “Get Dressed!” Cheat Sheets

Girl’s “Get Dressed!” Cheat Sheets

These are normally $9.99 each.

But for the next 15 minutes you can snag

both Boy’s & Girl’s sheets for the price of one

OR just one for $4.99!

Features (what’s included)

These cheat sheets are designed to work with the capsule plan eBook you signed up for just now. 

You’ll get 10 sheets (per set) that are kid-friendly and take your child through the whole year.

  • Each season walks your child through the four steps to picking an outfit with easy labels, visuals and + signs, with all suggested pieces tailored to the season.
    • Step 1: Pick an outfit combo (outfits designed for each season to maximize how they use their clothes)
    • Step 2: Pick a completer piece
    • Step 3: Pick an accessory
    • Step 4: Pick shoes
  • Bonus “Questions to Ask Yourself” sheet to prompt your child to think about the weather, their activities for the day and other details like “does this match?”

TIP: Slip these sheets into protective plastic sleeves and hang them up by a binder ring for your kids to easily reference in the morning!

(If your kids are too small to use it, you’ll find this is a huge life-saver for YOU too!)

Recent Feedback…

So fabulous!!! Those getting dressed guides!!! [They] are the best thing ever! I’ve long thought of trying to make something like this for my kids, but I seriously don’t have the digital media skills… Yay! Awesome job, Corina!

Love them! So helpful!

These are absolutely brilliant!!!?

Love it! I think my 4yo could start using this soon.

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