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Do you struggle to dress well + comfortably for your job as a teacher? Do you want to feel put together but not spend a bunch of time getting ready each morning?

You’re going to love our Outfit Guides, used by many teachers around the country!

Frump Fighters® is here to make fashion EASY for moms and teachers everywhere. Finally, without the need for any fashion savvy you can feel just as stylish as your fashionable teacher friends—and on a budget too!

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The Casual Style Guide

This guide contains all your casual basics. Perfect for field trips, when you’re home from work, or even if you work in casual classroom setting. 

The book comes with a complete casual capsule wardrobe plan and 374 outfit ideas, about 40 of which are slightly more formal/dressy.

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The Business Outfit Guide

This guide gives you dressier work-attire options. Many teachers use it in combination with the more expanisve casual guide to learn how to dress up your everyday pieces. 

This capsule wardrobe overlaps several pieces with the casual outfit guide so that you can maximize your closet!

Perfect for teacher meetings and every day in the classroom (especially at school with more formal dress codes).

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The Men’s Style Guide

For the men, this guide covers all your bases from casual to business casual to even business professional clothing needs. 

You’ll find complete capsule wardrobe plans, style tips, and easy-to-follow outfit combinations to try.

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The Men's Style Guide - Capsule Wardrobe for Casual and Business Wear

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