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What is the Difference Between the Women’s Essentials Style Guide and What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar?

The Women’s Essentials Style Guide and What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar are both valuable resources designed to enhance your style using our capsule plan and outfits.

Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions between them:

Women’s Essentials Style Guide:

Worldwide Shipping: Unlike the calendar hard copies that are limited to shipping within the U.S., the Women’s Essentials Style Guide offers worldwide shipping. No matter where you live, you can have a beautiful hard copy of the style guide delivered to your doorstep.

– Detailed Outfits: In the Style Guide, outfits are presented in a larger format, with only two outfits per page. This allows for more extensive style notes to help you perfect your outfit combinations.

– Real Mom Models: The Style Guide includes an entire section featuring all 428 outfits styled on real moms. Approximately 30 models of various body shapes, heights, and sizes showcase the outfits, offering a diverse and relatable perspective.

Customization Mini-Course: Access a “Customize-your-capsule” mini-course within the Style Guide. This includes informative videos on customizing your clothing pieces to match your unique style and templates for planning your wardrobe’s color scheme.

What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar:

– Calendar Format: The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar takes the outfits from the capsule plan and arranges them in a calendar format over the course of the year. It simplifies outfit selection by providing a daily outfit suggestion.

Both resources are built on the same capsule plan and outfits, but the choice between them largely depends on your preferences and needs.

If you prefer a comprehensive style guide with worldwide shipping and in-depth outfit details, the Women’s Essentials Style Guide is your best bet. On the other hand, if you want a calendar-based approach to daily outfit inspiration, the What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar is a great choice.

Should you require further assistance or have specific questions about either of these resources, please feel free to reach out to us through the chat feature in the corner of the screen. We’re here to help you make the most of your style journey!

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