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Being a mom is so exhausting, isn’t it?

Thinking about what to put on in the morning hardly seems to warrant the energy it currently takes.

And then there’s the hair and makeup. Ugh. Keeping up gets so discouraging.

But if you’re like me you don’t want to be stuck in a mom slump day after day.

Are You Ready To…

  • Get encouraged to fight the frump.

  • Learn to leverage some of the best motivations (hint… frump fighting matches God’s design!)

  • Develop self-care routines that are doable.

  • Get put together more consistently without the burn out?

I certainly am!

Join me as we get motivated together, create realistic plans for success, and enjoy more consistent wins in our self-care.

This 3-Day challenge will only take about 15-20 minutes of your time each day! But the results have the potential to bless you for mothering years to come.


Corina is a stay-at-home mom who fights the frump every day through the use of simple fashion. She loves God and her family and runs www.nowthaticando.com to inspire herself and other moms to keep it classy with ease and on a budget.


Caring about your appearance is extra hard when you’re a tired mommy, pulled every which way by the demands of your family.

If you’re ready to find the motivation to start caring, join this free 3-day challenge!

By the end of 3 days you’ll know why it matters to YOU and you’ll have a system in place to help make it happen every day with ease.

What You’ll Get Easily Through Email:

  1. One lesson a day, involves:

    • A video with the steps and tips for that lesson (10-15 minutes)

    • A simple exercise to respond to lesson and seal some results

  2. A printable workbook with notes outline and worksheet to record your response/plan

What other moms have to say about this course…

Here were some of the key takeaways from other moms who have completed the challenge:

  1. “Acceptance of where I am and what my body image should really be like”

  2. “I really appreciated the reminder that God created femininity and beauty and I don’t have to feel guilty or selfish about wanting to look pretty.”

  3. “Understanding that looking good matters!”

  4. “That it’s ok to make self care a priority.”

  5. “That I don’t have to try to do EVERYTHING…I can just do the basics that make me happy”

  6. “Its ok to start small with a couple of things, and work up to a full routine.”

  7. “I love the idea of ‘batching tasks!'”

  8. “Consistency”

  9. “Being on a budget doesn’t need to hold me back”

  10. “I liked that you encouraged us to just start doing the routines without worrying about doing things perfectly.”

“I’ve put taking care of myself on hold for the past 3 years since becoming a SAHM and this course was, just like it says, the perfect motivation with doable action steps to start realizing what parts of self care are beneficial and needed for my new life. This is a great place to start for any Mom, especially one who looks in the mirror after becoming a mom and doesn’t recognize who she sees. Or if you’re like me and you avoid all mirrors because you’re ignoring the fact that you should be caring about you a lot more than you do now. This course has given me the motivation to get started caring for myself again and the realization that I don’t have to take much-if any at all-time and money away from my kids to do it.” – Maegan

“This was wonderful! I’ve never been the type of person to not get dressed in the morning, it’s just been a matter of what I put on. I’ve always known that God enjoys beauty and wants us to enjoy it also, but I’ve always felt guilty for even thinking about spending more than a few bucks on clothes each year. I’ve always been a very black/white type person. In other words, I know people in Honduras are starving, so how can I justify spending $15 on a pair of jeans? Now I no longer feel the need to justify nor feel guilty. It REALLY DOES bring glory to God to celebrate femininity! Even very poor African women beautify themselves, spending time, effort and even money on beautiful things. Like I said, these are all things I’ve known and thought about, but you just put it so simply, I think it may have finally sunk in to where I will actually be able to live it out. Yay! Here’s to the next three days…years…decades..LIFE!” – Talitha

“This course came across my email feed as I was searching for ways to get back on track of ‘being the best I can be’. I loved the simple tricks and hacks with wardrobe and hair. My biggest take away, celebrate YOUR wins! Celebrating You is what keeps YOU fabulous!” – Tonya

“I have always wanted to look wonderful when I am home or out and about. I didn’t know how or even where to start. I am a stay at home mom with two kids that stays inside all day. I wanted change and I found it.” – Marley

“Great comprehensive course…especially for a free course. I took it without knowing WHY I cared about it and ended up with tips and a game plan for change!” – Emily

“This course was God sent! I needed some motivation and style help in order to keep up my appearance. This course helped with with these issues and much more.” – Larissa

“Before I had kids self care was no problem, but now that I am three children into the world of mommyhood, self care is bottom of the list, if I ever get there at all. This course has reminded me why doing those things matters and I have now scheduled them out on a calendar in my closet so I remember to do them. Realising that most things only take a few minutes, and that I can let some self care rituals go so I can focus on the ones that really make a difference to ME, has helped too. Thanks Corina!” – Alexis

“Today, after Day 2 of the course, I put on make-up & was more careful than usual in styling what I wore. I felt good all day! I’m excited to keep working on looking better.” – May

I took the course because I want to look better but don’t know where to start. It has been years since I last asked myself “how do I want to look?” My style can not and will not be the same as before kids… This course has given me a lot to think about, as far as taking care of my needs, and maybe letting go of unnessecary perfectionism on my part. Thank you for that.” – Kerstin

“After having 5 kids, my body and my needs have changed drastically. I needed help figuring out how to dress to keep up with my homeschool mom lifestyle, but not look like I just rolled out of bed. This course had given me the keys to doing this!” – Katie

“I have followed Now That I Can Do, Mama for a while now and so enjoy Corina’s heart behind it. I saw that there was a course and jumped for it. I’ve struggled with frump since having my first baby, now after number 4, my weight has changed and fluctuated so much, I just need some encouragement and guidance. This course perfectly spoke to my struggles. Corina presented encouragement in such a gracious and understanding way, without pressure or accusation. It was very refreshing!” – Kayla

“I took this course because it looked as if it was do-able as a mom of 3, and the idea of it gave me hope that I can look good right now, and not just when I reach my goal weight. This is a very practical guide designed for me to study my own individual routines, and how to refine and add/take away from it to save time and improve my self-confidence in my appearance. Thank you Corina!” – Miriam

“A chance encounter to your blog made me realize the word frump and how it fitted me.. one of the things post kids has been a complete change in my body type. Some how just getting by each day without really paying much attention to myself be it in health or in dressing.. realizing how I got to that spot.. going through these perspectives and motivators made me want to go back to bringing the focus back to self. I’m so glad I came across this program which enables me to discover myself in the context of ‘now’ and living it up in style 🙂 Thank you Corina.” – Srujana

“I needed help with motivation. I still have work to do, but this course honestly helped me to identify what stops me from “fighting the frump”, and gave me the motivation to do better! Love the printables. Corina is like a friend in her presentation, encouraging you on!” – Cara


Let’s empower ourselves to prioritize our appearance.

Just 10-20 minutes a day for 3 days.

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