Are you a busy mom who's stuck wearing the same jeans & Tee Look every day?

Ready to Change it up but don't know how?

How would you like a personal stylist and shopping assistant to show you all the equally comfortable mom outfits you can wear… on a budget?

Meet your new best friend:

My ebooks Show you how to create an On-trend mom wardrobe, and visually show you tons of outfit combinations using that wardrobe... So You Don't Have to Think About it each morning.

Here's how one mama explains it:



Here's How I explain it, some more!


You CAN Get your mom wardrobe from Frumpy to fabulous on a budget. 

I'll show you what you need to look put together daily, without the effort, and without the guilt


How It Works:

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Ready to Transform your wardrobe?


Wardrobe Checklist:

Fast track to a better wardrobe with a done-for-you wardrobe plan.

The wardrobe checklist is pre-filled with your color palette.

Simply print it out to keep track of what you still need and take it with you for reference when shopping.

Easily prioritize what you want to buy so you can shop like a boss.


step-by-step Capsule Creation Guide:

Save money by extracting your capsule from your existing wardrobe.

Learn everything you need to know about how to create a usable mom wardrobe starting with what you already own.

Walk step-by-step through the process of "capsuling" just a part of your closet while keeping your larger wardrobe in tact for future seasons.

Beautiful visual Outfit displays:

Don't be left guessing how to put the pieces in your wardrobe together. 

Each eBook includes between 30-50 outfit layouts for you to copy using the wardrobe you've created. 

Try different variations of these 30 to reach into the 100's of possible outfits!

All the outfit guides (except fall) show you an at-home and a going-out version of each outfit.

Dressy outfit ideas are included for more formal events.

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Easy navigation:

Find outfits easily by using the index of clothing pieces.


Enjoy community:

You don't have to be alone as you recreate your wardrobe and try new styles.

See how other moms are fighting the frump in the private Facebook group.

With the access to the outfit guides, you too can try the Outfit numbers being discussed, get tips on where to purchase capsule pieces, and get ideas for alternative pieces.

Frumpy fighters facebook group preview

An online outfit Gallery/index:

Each of the eBooks also gives you access to a private online gallery of the outfits.

Easily swipe through outfits to choose something to wear in the morning or before a special event.

Sort by clothing pieces with a single tap to instantly locate outfits you want to wear.

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Printable PDF file:

Keep a hard copy on your dresser for easy reference.

Do you prefer your books in print?

These eBooks are formatted with printing in mind.

Simply take the PDF file you receive to print a booklet at your local office supply store.


Instant download. Secure payment. 30-day hassle free guarantee. 

About Corina

About the creator

Hey! I'm Corina. I created these simple wardrobe plans to make it easier to get dressed in the morning as a mom. 

Keeping little ones alive and happy really takes all the energy I have! I didn't want to think about what to wear each day. 

I've spent hours and hours creating a wardrobe plan for each season that contains the perfect balance of timeless and trending pieces. And they are all mom-friendly pieces too! 


How They're Designed

The outfit guides are each based on a suggested color palette. This is the key to enjoying tons of outfit variation from just a few clothing pieces.

That means you're saving money and maximizing with what you own!

With these wardrobe plans, I've aimed to provide you and I with a perfect blend of classic and trending pieces, insuring you will look on-trend without wasting money on a whole wardrobe that will look outdated next year.

You can spend less and yet look more put together than ever before!


Frumpy to Fabulous In 4 Easy Steps


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FAQ: Is an Outfit Guide Right for Me?

Q. Are these print or digital books?

. These are digital eBooks + private access to the online gallery that allows you to quickly sort outfits by individual piece used or season. If you like your books in print though, there's that option. In your Getting Started guide for the Full Year Wardrobe guide I will provide instructions for how to order a print copy for about $12. (This is an option for any of the eBooks!)

Q. Should I spend money on this guide when I really need money to get some new clothes?

A. The smartest investment is a plan! Ranging from just $9.99-$14.99, an outfit guide costs about as much as a t-shirt while exploding the potential of every piece you buy from the plan. These guides help you shop smart so that the clothes you do buy actually get used. The daily outfit ideas were designed to take each of the pieces in the wardrobe plan (many of which you probably already own!) and use it in multiple ways. Not only will you enjoy fun new ways to wear your existing clothes, but you'll find that the money you spend shopping becomes a much better investment. 

Q. I'm pregnant, could I use these wardrobe plans now? 

A. The pieces in my wardrobe plans can be translated into maternity. They would make awesome maternity capsules! You would simply use/buy the maternity version of each piece. All the outfits still apply! The only outfits you would wear differently are the ones were I recommend tucking the shirt ;) To save money on your maternity wardrobe you could simply buy fewer of the pieces to have a smaller capsule for that shorter season in life.

Q. Are the outfits in these guides nursing friendly? 

A. Absolutely... I was nursing throughout the creation of all of them and was able to follow them exactly. The only adjustment I made was to get the dresses in a nursing friendly version (wrap dresses work great for this!).

Q. Can I see examples of the outfits on real people?

A. With hundreds of moms using the outfit guides each season you'll find examples of the outfits on real people within the Frumpy Fighters Facebook group. Just search "Outfit #" within the group and those posts will appear.

Q. Do you offer a single guide that covers the full year?

A. Yes, you'll want to get the Full Year Wardrobe Guide at checkout.

Q. Isn't it easy enough to come up with my own outfit combinations once I follow the wardrobe plan?

A. On average most people only actually wear a third of the outfit potential because they gravitate towards the looks they're used to and comfortable with. These guides are designed to take the decision of what you’ll wear out of your hands, both saving your time and energy while also helping you try combinations you never thought of before.  Even though I’ve planned the different outfits in the guide myself, I still fall into ruts of wearing my pieces the same way when I don’t refer to my outfit guide!

Q. Do any of these guides include business casual outfits?

A. There are about five dressier outfit ideas included for each season, but this plan is mostly designed with everyday mom style in mind. Some moms are able to wear the pieces in a dressier way for work and others simply add on some slacks/skirts/blazers/pumps as needed and mix and match with their other pieces to create work-appropriate looks. (There are several examples of this in the Frumpy Fighters Facebook group.)

Q. Do I have to use the suggested color palette within each guide for the outfits to work?

A. Definitely not! I encourage everyone to stick with a color palette they love. The color palettes used in each guide are a suggestion and help demonstrate which pieces need to be in neutral versus in an accent color. Simply plug in your own color palette by following the same pattern.

Outfit Guides

Instant download. Secure payment. 30-day hassle free returns guarantee. 


30-day hassle-free refunds: If you are not 100% satisfied with your Outfit Guides I will refund your purchase and you get to keep the guides. Simply email me at corina [at] nowthaticando [dot] com and let me know why you weren't happy with the purchase.


"Got it, I'm ready to enjoy a Cute mom wardrobe!" ;)

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Instant download. Secure payment. 30-day hassle free returns guarantee.