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My Maternity Capsule Wardrobe (Spring/Summer) + Free Printable

I’m sharing my maternity wardrobe for my September-due baby. I will be pregnant through the spring/summer so I’ve created a capsule wardrobe plan to meet the needs for the weather! I’ve also turned my capsule wardrobe list into a free printable checklist that you can use to create your own capsule!

{Maternity} Easy Non-Maternity Outfits for the 1st & (early) 2nd Trimesters

Dressing in the 1st trimester and early 2nd trimester can be both a frustrating and exciting experience. There’s the frustration of finding clothes that still flatter your new shape but also the excitement of dressing a fun little bump!

The tricky part in this early stage is finding outfits that define your bump. Otherwise you might just feel overweight and thick around the middle. Here are four of my favorite ways to define my bump with regular, non-maternity clothes while it’s still relatively small!