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Stylish Gift Ideas for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

We’ve put together a list of amazing gifts for pregnant and nursing moms. Your ultimate gift guide, so-to-speak!

Full of fun and trendy must-haves, this list contains only Amazon items you can have shipped to you or directly to your recipient!

From fashion ideas to practical ideas, we’ve got you covered and ready to conquer the season of “new mama”!

How To Shop When You’re In The Middle Of Losing Baby Weight

How to build your wardrobe after a baby? It’s probably one of the most common questions I receive.

And I understand why… from personal experience, those weeks (or months or years) after having a new baby can feel like some of the frumpiest. But who wants to be stuck with shabby clothes just because you haven’t reached your pre-baby…

5 Comfy and Nursing-friendly Postpartum Outfits

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on specially-made nursing clothes, check out this list of “ordinary” pieces that are on-trend, comfortable AND nursing-friendly!

I also provide very affordable Amazon options and 5 cute outfit ideas to put those pieces into practical use!

How to Shape an Affordable Maternity Wardrobe

Are you recently pregnant and overwhelmed by the need to get maternity clothes for your pregnancy? Want to look cute this pregnancy but not sure how to put a stylish maternity wardrobe together?

It can seem like a daunting or expensive task. 

That’s why I wrote this post to help guide you through the…

68+ Cute Maternity Outfits (from the Spring/Summer Pregnancy Capsule)

I’m not a fashionista. I don’t know how to wear all the latest trends. But when I look back at the photos from my last pregnancy, I’m happy with what I see. Thanks to this blog, I’ve pushed myself to look stylish and try new trends. But I never compromised on comfort either.

As a mom, I feel quite accomplished to prove it’s possible to get dressed with ease each morning, look cute, and feel comfortable—all while being pregnant! My maternity wardrobe from this last spring and summer helped me achieve just that. This post is a summary of all my outfits from those nine months!…

5 Tips for Staying Stylish When You Have a Baby

Have you recently become a new mama? Isn’t it the most life-changing experience you’ve ever lived through? Those early days as a new mom are mixed with highs and lows: cuddles with your baby, getting to know their personality, trying to catch their first smiles on your phone, sharing the joy of their arrival with friends and family. Then there are challenges, from lack of sleep to milk engorgement, from colicky nights and cradle cap to their first cold.