How to Unfrump Your Wardrobe in 5 Steps!


Are you ready to start feeling confident and happy about the clothes you have to wear every day?

Learn this simple but powerful framework so you can look forward to getting dressed, even for every day mom life!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • The 3 mistakes you’re making with clothes that are keeping your wardrobe drab and frustrating. (Hint on one of them: Throwing money at it won’t solve the problem!)
  • The 5-step process to bringing it back to life on a family-friendly budget.
  • You’ll love discovering why you actually don’t need personal style saavy to dress stylishly!
  • You’ll also learn why you don’t need expensive clothes or a big wardrobe and what you need instead.
  • What you’ll walk away with: A gameplan to update your wardrobe stress-free and on your family budget.

What Moms Have Said About This Workshop…

“Very informative and helpful!”

“I liked the printable and talking about how to overcome the “I’m not shopping for new clothes until I’m at my goal weight” dilemma. Thanks!”

“I can tell you have done your research and know what you’re talking about.”

“This gave me fresh eyes to look at what I already own and I do look good in… and [gave] me the authority to let go of those things that don’t/have never worked.”

“I liked how Corina presented the process in simple non-overwhelming steps.”

“I’ve been really impressed with how thorough you are! I have a feeling by this time next year, I’m going to feel like a new woman”

Jamie McLaughlin – Host

Founder of The MacHouse Blog, helping women flip the script on motherhood through self care + personal development.

Corina Holden – Your Workshop Teacher

Corina is a wife and mama of three boys and has been running Frump Fighters since 2016 to help busy moms dress better on a budget. She began the website out of her own frustration with fashion after becoming a mom and it has quickly become a thriving community of women who are re-claiming their style and learning how to fight the frump in the midst of busy mom life.


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