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Setting Up Your Account & Profile Details

After placing your order with Frump Fighters for the web app, you’ll receive an email within 15 minutes with access to your new account.

Setting Your Password

To access your new account, you’ll need to reset the password.

  1. Open up the email with a subject line Your New App Account, and click on the Reset Here link.
  2. Set your password by entering it two times.
  3. Then hit Confirm.

You should get a success message. If you get a message that the password reset is not valid anymore, you can go ahead and click OK and click on Having trouble? Reset your password again.

Then enter your email address and have them send you a new reset link for your password. You should get the message: Password was reset successfully.

Setting Up Your Profile

Go ahead and click on Go to your account.

On your Manage Your Account Page you’ll be able to fill in your personal details which will help everything to work a little more smoothly in the app later on.

  1. Add a profile image and enter in any information you would like. (Only your first name will be visible, as well as your username.)
  2. We encourage entering your country so that when you share shopping links with others, they will be able to sort by the country that it came from.
  3. Then enter your body type, size, height, and other specifications that you know.
  4. For style words, you can pick from the options provided, or you can type in your own ideas.
  5. If you know your color season, you can enter that, as well.
  6. If you’ll be wearing maternity clothes, you can also mark that you are pregnant and set your due date. This is helpful in marking the outfits that you upload publicly as maternity so that people can find your inspiration that you share.
    • Your profile will automatically uncheck the yes mark when your due date arrives. 

Go ahead and save changes.

And that’s it! Your account details are now set and you’re ready to launch into other parts of the app.

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