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Planning Travel Outfits with a Destination Calendar

Here’s how you can easily pack for your next vacation!

  1. Go to your Calendar tab in the Interactive
  2. Name your Calendar
  3. Check the Women’s Essentials box
  4. Type in the location of where you are going
  5. Add the amount of days you’d like the Calendar to fill in for you (the length of your vacation)

One thing to note: the Calendar will generate outfits starting from today’s date, so you can select the amount days between now and the end of your vacation to make sure the outfits match the weather and days of your vacation.

You’re done! Now the Calendar will start creating outfits and just like that, you know exactly what to pack, even down to the shoes you’ll be wearing and the accessories to bring. The hard work is already done, so you can enjoy your vacation!

*Note: Creating a custom Calendar is a Premium feature

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