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Overview Of The Closet

Within the Closet section of the Interactive, you’ll find a list of all the pieces that you’ll want to get from the Collections that you own. 

  • By default, they’re organized by All, but you can also navigate to other categories to just see those pieces. 
  • You can view the list of items in Detail View, which is the default, or in List View to see more items at a time.

How To Find An Item

There are a few ways that you can find something specific you’re looking for.

You can search for the piece by name or by a nickname by using the search feature at the top left. Be sure to select Piece Name or Nickname, depending on how you are searching.

Or, you can use the different sorting options: 

  • Alphabetical
  • Whether you have an item
  • Whether you still need an item
  • Whether the item is essential
  • Whether you’ve prioritized the item
    • If there are certain items that you want to get first, you can prioritize them by toggling the Prioritize option.

Finding Closet Essentials

There are certain pieces that Frump Fighters recommends you purchase first as they will be essentials in your closet. 

  • To sort those, use the Sort By menu and look for Essential.

How To Mark Items As Prioritized

You can also mark certain items as Prioritized, based on what you want to purchase first. 

  • Go through the Closet and prioritize items on on the list.
    • You can plan for a specific season by using the Season filter on the left-hand side of the Closet page.
  • After marking the items you want to prioritize, you can sort the items in the Closet by the Prioritized filter the next time you’re browsing for items online or at the store.

Making Notes About Items

You can also make notes for each piece you’re looking for. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Click on the Edit button for the item.
    • If you haven’t customized an item with a photo, you’ll see the Frump Fighters example for each item. But, you can upload a picture of your piece at any time.
  • Within the edit screen, you can make notes about what you’re looking, add information about the store and brand, and you can add a link to items you’re keeping an eye on. You can also add a nickname for the item.
  • Once you’ve filled everything out, tap Update.

Adding New Options For An Item

You can add additional options to your Closet for an item. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Tap the pink plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Type the name of the piece you’re looking for in the dialogue box.
    • Alternatively, tap Show Options to search for the item.
  • Select the item you want to add a new option to.
  • Tap Select.
    • You’ll see the existing piece in your Closet, either the Frump Fighters default image or an image that you’ve customized.
  • To add another option, tap Add New.
  • Give your new item a nickname to differentiate it from the original item. 
  • Upload a photo if you have taken one. 
  • Mark that you have this piece or that you want to prioritize it, if applicable.
  • Fill out any relevant information in the bottom portion of the window.
  • When you have everything as you’d like it, tap Submit.

Viewing Item Details

To see what Frump Fighters recommends you look for in each piece so that it works with all of the outfits, tap on Details next to the item. This will bring up all the different details about the item:

  • It displays whether the item is essential, what seasons it’s used in, the colors it’s recommended you purchase it in, and sleeve length details, when applicable.
  • There may also be special coordination notes that highlight what other items this piece should coordinate with and whether the piece should be purchased in a color or a print. This can be helpful when you’re shopping for additional items or reviewing the pieces in your own wardrobe. 
  • If a piece has additional notes and alternatives, they’re listed here. 
  • And, maternity and nursing options and alternatives can be found here, when applicable.
  • If there are any notes about fit, you will see those here, too.
  • If you’d like to see a link to the Frump Fighters default example piece, tap Example Piece Shopping Info.
  • You can also see what outfit formulas use this piece by taping Outfit Ideas Using This Piece. This gives you examples of how this piece is used in different outfits.
  • To see outfits with this piece that have been uploaded by other members, you can tap Others Wearing This Piece. This shows you how other members have styled this piece from the Closet.

Bulk Update

The Closet also has a bulk select feature that allows you to select multiple pieces at the same time. From here, you can:

  • Crop and remove the background of the pieces you’ve selected by tapping Remove Background.
  • Add the selected pieces to a new closet by tapping Edit Closet Location.  

Choosing Between Multiple Custom Pieces

If you’ve customized an item in your closet with multiple pieces, you can choose between those options when you’re customizing an outfit. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Outfits page.
  • Tap the outfit you’d like to customize.
  • Toggle My Pieces.
  • You can tap the shuffle tool (the two crossing arrows) to toggle between the different options within your Closet.
  • Or, tap Customize.
  • Under the Outfit Breakdown, tap on the item you have multiple versions of.
  • Select the option you’d like to use.
    • Alternatively, if you haven’t yet uploaded a new version of that item but would like to do so now, you can tap Add New and upload a new version of that piece to your Closet. Once done, tap Submit.
  • Tap Apply.

And, that’s an overview of the Closet where you can organize and customize your items and prioritize what you need to buy next.

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