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How To See Only The Outfits You Have The Pieces For


When looking at your outfits, you have multiple viewing options depending on what you want to see. 


Outfit Viewing Options


To see the different viewing options, navigate to the Outfits page.

  • Tap the arrow at the bottom of the page to expand the viewing filters.
  • Tapping Outfits pulls up the Official Frump Fighters outfit formulas, which you can further narrow down by using the filters on the left-hand side of the page.
    • If you own more than one outfit collection, you can see the different options by checking the box next to the collection.
    • You can also filter by categories like formality and sesaon.
  • Tapping Community pulls up outfits customized and uploaded by other members of the Frump Fighters community.
  • Tapping Mine pulls up all of the outfits that you have uploaded to the Interactive.
    • If you find that this filter pulls up few or no results, be sure to clear any filters you’ve put in place to see more outfits.


How To See Only The Outfits You Can Make


On the Outfits page, you can also see only outfits that you can make by tapping the Only Outfits I Can Make toggle.

This feature will look through your closet and find the outfits that you own both the top and bottom for or the dress for.

It may take a few moments for this feature to work as it is looking through the pieces that you own and comparing it to the outfit formulas available in the collections you’ve purchased.

Once the tool is finished working, you will see outfit formulas you can try — since you’ve said you own the main components of these outfits.


Reviewing Pieces You’ve Marked As ‘Have’ In The Closet


To check to see what you’ve marked Have in the Closet:

  • Navigate to the Closet
  • Select Status: Have in the Sort By dropdown.

The Only Outfits I Can Make tool on the Ouftits page looks for tops, bottoms, and dresses (the main outfit components) you’ve marked with a checkmark and comparing it to the outfit formulas you own.


Something to note: This feature is only checking to see if you have the main components of the formula (the top and bottom or the dress). If there are accessories or completer pieces in the formula that you haven’t marked as owned, Only Outfits I Can Make tool will still show you that outfit as these pieces are optional and can be changed. 


And, that is how you can see only the outfits you have the pieces for. 


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