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How To See How an Outfit Formula Looks with YOUR Pieces & Save Your Custom Looks

Once you’ve customized your Closet by uploading photos of your own clothing items, you can see what an outfit formula looks like with your pieces. And, you can save a version of the outfit flat lay with your pieces.

You can view an outfit with your pieces, customize the outfit, and save the outfit from several areas within the Interactive. 

How To Customize Outfits From the Outfit Of The Day

First, you can customize an outfit from the Outfit of the Day. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Home page.
  • Tap the Outfit Card.
  • Toggle My Pieces to see what the outfit looks like with the pieces in your Closet.
    • If you haven’t customized a piece within your Closet, the outfit flat lay will pull the default example piece into the formula.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Add, subtract, or swap any of the pieces within the outfit breakdown.
    • If you have more than one option for a particular item, you can tap the item and choose between the different pieces in your closet. Just select the option you want to display and tap Apply.
    • To remove an item from the Outfit, tap the X. To add an item to the formula, simply being typing the name of the item within the search bar. Once the item appears, tap it and it will appear within the formula. 
  • Select the visibility — either All Members so others can see your outfit for inspiration or Private so that it’s only visible to you.
  • Tap Save.
    • Note: You’ll see a message letting you know that your outfit is being saved. Do not close the popup while this message is on the screen. 

How To Customize Outfits From A Calendar

To view, customize, and save an outfit from the Calendar, you will follow similar steps. To do this: 

  • Navigate to the Calendar page.
  • Tap the outfit you’d like to see your pieces in.
  • Toggle My Pieces.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Adjust any of the items within the outfit formula.
    • Something to note: if you choose to change one of the main pieces within the outfit (the top or bottom, or the dress if it’s an outfit with a dress), this could possibly change the outfit number you’re working on.
  • If you are working from a customized calendar and want this new outfit to show up on that calendar, check Add to Outfit Calendar.
  • Select the day you’d like this to appear.
  • Tap Save.

How To Customize Outfits Using A Particular Piece

You can also customize outfits that use a particular piece. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Tap Details next to the item you want to see all of the outfits for.
  • Scroll down to Outfit Ideas Using This Piece and tap. This takes you to the Outfits page.
  • To see an outfit using the customized pieces in your Closet, toggle My Pieces.
    • If you have saved multiple options for any of the pieces within the outfit formula, you can tap the shuffle button to shuffle through those different options.
  • To customize and save the image, tap Customize.
  • On the customization window, swap, edit, or remove any of the pieces within the Outfit breakdown.
  • Once the outfit is as you’d like it, select the visibility and tap Save.

How to View Other Members’ Outfits With Your Pieces

You can also view your pieces in outfits that have been uploaded by other Frump Fighters community members.

  • Navigate to the Outfits page.
  • Select the Community filter along the bottom of the page. This will pull up all of the outfits your fellow Frump Fighters community members have uploaded. 
  • To see an outfit with your pieces, toggle My Pieces on the outfit card.
  • To customize the outfit, tap Customize.
  • Make any adjustments you’d like to the outfit formula.
  • Tap Save.  

How To Customize A Particular Outfit

Finally, you can customize a particular outfit.

  • Navigate to the Outfits page.
  • Clear all filters you have in place, if applicable.
  • Type the number of the outfit you’d like to see in the search bar.
  • Toggle My Pieces to see the outfit using your pieces. 
  • Tap Customize.
  • Make any adjustments you’d like to the outfit formula.
  • Tap Save.

How to View Your Saved Outfits

You can view all of the outfits that you have customized with your own pieces. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Outfits page.
  • Select the Mine filter along the bottom.
  • If you’re seeing few or no results, be sure to clear any filters that may be in place on the Outfits page. 
  • Scroll down. Depending on how many outfits you’ve customized and saved, you may have to tap Load More as you scroll down.

And, that’s how you’re able to see how outfit formulas look with your own pieces and save them.

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