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How To Join The Frump Fighters Community Wearing The Suggested Outfit Of The Day

Every member of the Frump Fighters Interactive community who owns the Women’s Essentials Collection has the official Frump Fighters Outfit Calendar within their Interactive account. 

These specific outfit formulas not only make getting dressed in the morning effortless, but it’s also fun to know that hundreds and even thousands of women across the world are wearing the same outfit formula each day.


Locating the Suggested Outfit of the Day

The outfit of the day is located on the Home page.

But, you can also find it by tapping Calendar and navigating to the Calendar page. 

  • Depending on your hemisphere, you can see the outfits for the Northern Hemisphere or for the Southern Hemisphere by tapping the corresponding link.
  • You can also select whether you’d like to see the outfits displayed for the entire month or whether you’d like to see the outfits selected for the week. 


Uploading Your Version of the Suggested Outfit of the Day

If you wear the outfit of the day, you can upload your version of the outfit. To do this:

  • Tap the outfit card.
  • Toggle My Pieces.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Tap Add Photos.
  • To make the photo of yourself wearing the outfit of the day your default image, tap the star. 
  • Select your visibility setting. 
    • We recommend sharing your outfit with the All Members visibility setting for an added level of accountability and to inspire others within the community. 
  • Tap Update.


Viewing Other Members’ Versions of the Suggested Outfit of the Day

To see how others have styled an outfit:

  • Tap the See More (the eye +) icon on the outfit card. 
  • On the Outfits page, select the Community filter along the bottom menu.


And that is how to join the Frump Fighters community wearing the suggested outfit of the day.


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