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How To Import Pictures From Stylebook to the Frump Fighters Interactive Closet

Below is one of our member’s process for importing all of her items from Stylebook to the Frump Fighters Interactive.

A big thanks to Interactive user, Marla K., for pioneering the process and giving us a breakdown of an efficient way to do this!


My Stylebook closet contains almost 1000 items divided into roughly 50 categories/subcategories.  Because it’s so large, I knew if I downloaded all the photos at once and went one-by-one, it would take forever, so here’s what I did:

I used two devices, my iPhone and my iPad.  It worked best to have the iPhone as the primary device, because Stylebook only works in portrait mode on the iPad.

I started by opening Stylebook on my phone, and looking at my first subcategory, which in my case is Casual Short Sleeved/cap sleeved tops, selected all, then saved to my camera roll. I then went into the Closet on my iPad and found the Tops category. I did a quick browse of all the tops entries, then, using my iPhone, imported all the tops that met my subjective criteria for each type of top (ex: Color Dressy Top). I tried not to overthink this, and if I was uncertain which category to import an item into, I imported it more than once.

I found it was easy to get into a rhythm by going one category at a time, as I wasn’t constantly searching for the best category of each of my items, and it was much faster to enter multiple items in the same Frump Fighters category one after the other. It was really handy to have the Interactive open on my iPad, as I could quickly glance at any items I was uncertain about to choose the best (or multiple) categories.

Once I had finished, I did a quick glance at the photos on my phone to be sure I’d entered everything, and once sure, I deleted those photos and went back to Stylebook, repeating each subcategory until all were finished.

So, in a nutshell, my process was:

  • Choose stylebook category, in order.
  • Save subcategory images to one device.
  • Open the Closet on second device by category and list view.
  • Import all items of that fit into each FF category, repeating items if desired.
  • Repeat until all Stylebook category items have been entered.
  • Delete Stylebook items from Photos.
  • Repeat until all items have been entered.

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