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How to Find Outfit Ideas Based on Weather and Other Needs Using the Outfit Picker

Using The Outfit Picker

  • Locate the Outfit Picker in the Quick Access menu on the Home page. Alternatively, navigate to the Outfits page and select the Outfit Picker at the top.
  • Use the filters to find outfits that match your preferences, such as weather, formality, or specific clothing pieces.
  • Choose the type of outfits you want to see.
    • Original Outfits shows the Frump Fighters original outfit formulas.
    • Models shows outfits worn by models.
    • Outfit Flat Lays shows outfits uploaded by community members.
  • Toggle the Only Outfits I Can Make feature to filter out options that you don’t have the necessary pieces for (optional).
  • Tap Find Outfits to generate the outfit ideas that meet your specified criteria.

Saving An Outfit

As you are scrolling through outfit ideas, you can save an outfit that catches your attention.

  • Tap the bookmark icon to save the outfit to your collection.
  • To view your saved outfits, tap Saved along the top menu.

And, that is how to find outfit ideas based on weather and other needs using the Outfit Picker.

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