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How to Find Outfit Formulas that Use Specific Clothing Pieces

Finding the perfect outfit ideas can be made easier by using filters. Within the Outfits page, you can narrow down your options and discover outfits that suit your preferences.

Using Outfit Filters

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find outfit formulas that use specific clothing pieces:

  • Navigate to the Outfits page.
  • Tap Show Filters along the left side to view the available filters.
    • If you’re using a computer, the filters will be displayed automatically.
  • Locate the Outfit Pieces filter within the filters section.
    • Type the name of the clothing item you want to view in the dialog box and select it from the menu.
    • To see the official Frump Fighters outfit formulas that use this piece, select Outfits along the bottom menu.
    • To see member-uploaded outfits that use this piece, select Community along the bottom menu.

Additional Filters

  • Tap Formality in the filters section.
    • Choose between Casual or Dressy to further filter results to meet your needs.
  • Tap Season in the filters section.
    • Choose the appropriate season option to align the outfit ideas with the current season.


Viewing Outfits For Your Body Type

  • On the Outfits page, scroll down to the Image Type section in the filters on the left of the page.
  • Select Models to view outfits styled by models.
  • Choose your desired body type within the Body Type filter to see outfit ideas relevant to your body shape.

View and Save Outfit Ideas

As you are browsing through the outfits on the Outfits page, you can save any outfit.

  • To do this, tap the bookmark icon on the bottom right of the outfit detail card.
  • To access your saved outfits, tap Saved on the top menu.

And that is how to find outfit formulas that use specific clothing pieces.

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