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How to Create A Business Outfit Calendar

If you own the Women’s Business Style Collection, you can enjoy an outfit calendar for work days, right inside your Interactive account!

Below are the steps to create a digital outfit calendar with the outfits from the Business Collection inside the Interactive:

  1. Log in to the on the Interactive web app.
    • Note: If you haven’t set up your account yet, look for your “New Account” email to set your password for the first time. Or, simply click “Reset Password” on the login window.
  2. Click the “Add a calendar” link.
    • Note: This is a Premium feature. If you are not in your free trial period or haven’t upgraded to Premium, you can do so . The “Add a calendar” feature will immediately be available after upgrading to Premium.
  3. Enter a Calendar Name.
  4. Select Fill with outfits based on my weather.
  5. Checkmark the Women’s Business collection from the list.
  6. Enter your location (you can use a city, state, or zip code). Select your location.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Your calendar will take a few minutes to generate.

You can now also select between any calendars you’ve created from the Outfit of the Day widget on the Home page.

For more information about customizing your outfit calendar, watch this video.

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