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How To Check Items Off Your Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Customizing the Closet is a powerful step to making the Interactive come to life and work for you.

After you customize the Closet within the Interactive, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing outfits that use pictures of your clothes and you’ll be able to filter our hundreds of outfit options to just the outfits you can make with your pieces.

Overview of The Closet

To get started, navigate to the Closet section of the Interactive.

The Closet contains a list of the capsule items we recommend for any of the style collections you own.

If you own more than one collection, you’ll find the different options under the Outfit Collections filter on the left.

The two most important steps you’ll want to take as you begin using the Interactive are:

  1. Declutter your closet. Use the steps in this blog post to do this. It will save you lots of time later!!
  2. Check off the items that you already have in your wardrobe. (These are the items you decided to keep after decluttering in the first step.)
  3. Add pictures of the clothing items you checked off.

Declutter Your Closet

This step is super important to save you time later!

You don’t want to check off items in your digital closet if they’re items you don’t enjoy wearing.

You also don’t want to take the time to photograph items to add to your digital closet if you don’t want to wear them!

A simple way to declutter:

  • Go section by section in your closet and pull a stack of items to put on your bed.
  • Hold each item up and decide, do I love this and would I wear it tomorrow?
  • If it’s “Yes,” put it back in your closet. If it’s “No,” put it in a pile to donate, store for later, or recycle/throw away.

This blog post goes more in-depth into decluttering your closet.

Checking Off The Items You Own

Now that you’ve removed the items from your closet that you are not going to wear, it’s time to check off what you DO have left.

With your phone in hand, simply go through your wardrobe and check off the pieces you have from the collection(s) you own.

To check something off, tap the checkbox next to the item’s name and it will add a check next to the item.

This indicates that you own this piece. Anything that you don’t own already, you can leave unchecked.

Adding Pictures of Your Clothes

Tap “Edit” on the items you have checkmarked.

You can add a nickname to the item and add a picture of YOUR piece.

Benefits of this step: Your clothes will show up in outfits when you toggle “My Pieces” and you can filter outfits down to “Just Outfits You Can Make.”

Adding Multiple Versions Of A Closet Piece

If you have more than one option for any of the pieces in the Closet, you can add multiple versions of the same piece. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Tap the pink plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Type the name of the Closet piece in the dialog box.
  • Choose the item from the drop-down menu. 
  • Tap Select. 
  • Tap Add New.
  • Give your item a nickname to differentiate between the two options. 
  • If you’ve already taken a photo of the item and want to add that photo now, you can do so by tapping Upload and adding the photo you took.
    • You can also leave the example image in place and update it later. 
  • If you have more than one closet created, you can select where this piece should go.
  • Add information about your specific item within the bottom sections. This can be helpful to other members who might want to know where you got this piece from.
  • Once you’ve entered all of this information, tap Submit.

And, that is how to check items off your capsule wardrobe checklist and customize your pieces.

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