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How to Capture Quality Photos of Your Clothes Using Your Phone

Overview Of The Outfit Flat Lay

The Interactive’s outfit flat lay feature makes it possible to see how outfit combinations look with the pieces in your closet.

This feature looks at the pieces in the formula and then pulls the images of the pieces you’ve saved in the Closet section of the Interactive. 

Capturing the best photos of the pieces in your wardrobe means the resulting flat lays look crisp, are to scale, and are accurate in color.

How To Capture Quality Photos Of Your Pieces

  • Choose a phone with a medium to high quality camera.
  • Choose where you want to take your photos.
    • The best place to take photos of your pieces is by a window or sliding door with plenty of natural light.
    • You’ll want to take your photos during the day, however, you do want to avoid direct sunlight as that will distort the appearance of your final photos.

Choosing A Background

  • Make sure the background that you’re placing your pieces on has some contrast to the color of the piece you’re photographing. 
  • You don’t have to use a bright green screen, however, there needs to be some difference in the color. 
    • You may want to use a white bed sheet to provide some contrast for your pieces, especially for those pieces with holes through them such as lace or jewelry.

How To Arrange Your Pieces

  • Arrange your pieces in a way that looks natural to the eye. 
    • For example, smooth out wrinkles, tuck the waist in, and arrange the sleeves naturally.
  • For natural shadows, you’re going to want to have the top of your piece closest to the light so that the shadows fall downward on the item. This will ensure it looks like it would when you’re wearing the item.

Editing Your Photos

  • After snapping the photo, you can hit edit to do any necessary color correction. 
  • Compare the color of the photo with the piece in real life and color adjust until you get the most accurate color.
  • Then hit Save.

How to Capture Images From An Online Store

You can also capture images of your pieces from the online store where you purchased it. 

  • Look for an image of the piece by itself rather than on a model.
    • Alternatively, you can use a photo of the item on a model and crop down to show just the piece.
  • Screenshot your screen. 
    • If you’re not sure how to do that with your phone, search How To Screen Shot My Screen on an Android or iPhone.
  • Go to the screenshot in your gallery.
  • Crop the screenshot down to the edge of the piece.
  • Save the edited image.

And, that is how to capture quality photos of your clothes using your phone.

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