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How to Add More Days to Your Calendar

Have you ever clicked on the Calendar tab only to find that your favorite calendar has run out of outfits? Here’s how to easily add more days to your calendar!

If your calendar runs out of days, you’ll notice a +Add icon in the empty day. You’ll notice all the following days are blank as well.

We’re going to click that +Add icon and choose from the list of options:

  • add an outfit only for this day
  • copy the previous year’s outfits,
  • choose outfits based on the weather
  • or add outfits from the official calendar

You’ll notice that for the last three options you need to select how many days to add.

If you’ve run out of your yearly calendar, you can easily add 365 days and copy the previous year’s outfit to get the same calendar in rotation.

If you’re going on a vacation that got extended, or a work trip that lasted longer than anticipated, you can type in the amount of days you’ll be away.

And that is how you can easily add days to your Interactive Calendar when it runs out!

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