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Do These 2 Things First

Getting Started: ⚠️ Do These 2 Things⚠️

Let’s set up your Interactive account so that it’s easy to access and customized to you! This will make it powerful and easy to use daily.

Step 1: Add a shortcut to your homescreen/desktop so it opens like an app.

On your phone/tablet:

  • Go to the platform’s homepage at app.frumpfighters.com
  • If on Chrome on Android: Tap the 3 dots in upper right-hand corner and tap “Add to homescreen”
  • If on Safari on iPhone/iPad: Tap the Share icon (the square with arrow pointing out of it) at the bottom of screen and tap “Add to Home Screen”
  • Type a name for your shortcut
  • Drag the shortcut to a prominent place on your homescreen so it’s easy to find each morning.

On your computer:

  • Go to the platform’s homepage at app.frumpfighters.com
  • Click on the beginning of the URL bar and drag to your desktop
  • Right-click the shortcut and choose to rename it.

Benefits of this step: This sets it up like an app on your phone and/or tablet so it’s easy to access every day.


Step 2: Customize Your Closet

  • Visit the Closet page.
  • Check off the items you own.
  • Take photos of all your clothes using your phone.
  • Add the photos of your clothes to the matching items in the Closet. You can also add a nickname, brand info and links as you do this.

Benefits of this step: Your clothes will show up in outfits when you toggle “My Pieces” and you can filter outfits down to “Just Outfits You Can Make.”


⚠️ STOP: ⚠️

Have you completed the 2 steps above? We promise they’re the most crucial steps to make the Interactive work for you every day!

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