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Customizing Closet Items & Adding Multiple Versions of Items from Your Closet

Taking the time to personalize the Closet is a dynamic way to bring the Interactive to life, tailoring it to reflect your unique style.

After you customize items in the Closet, you’ll be able to see outfits using pictures of your own clothes.

To add a photo to an item you haven’t yet customized within the Closet:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Find the piece you’d like to customize.
  • Checkmark that you own the piece, or toggle Prioritize if you want to prioritize it to purchase. 
  • Tap the Edit button.
  • If you’d like to give the piece a nickname to differentiate it from other similar pieces, tap Add Nickname. Type the nickname and tap Apply.
  • Tap Upload and select and upload the photo of your item.
  • If necessary, tap Crop & Remove Background to have the tool crop your photo to the edges of the item and remove the background. 
    • This will help when items layer in the outfit images. 
  • Choose the closet location from the drop down menu, if necessary.
    • If you have added additional closets, those will be listed in the drop-down.
  • Add any notes about the item. 
    • If you’re still looking for an item, you can write notes about what you’re looking for.
    • You can add the store brand and link to the item where you found it so that when you share an outfit with that item in the formula, others will be able to shop from your links if you share it publicly. 
  • Tap Update. 


If you have already customized an item in the Closet and would like to add another option:

  • Navigate to the Closet.
  • Tap the pink plus sign at the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Find the closet item you’re looking for using the search box or the Show Options drop-down.
  • Tap Select.
  • Tap Add New.
  • Give the item a nickname to differentiate it from the item already in your Closet.
  • Tap Upload.
  • Find and select the photo on your phone or computer that you would like to use. 
  • Tap Crop & Remove Background to remove the background and resize the item.
  • Add notes and/or additional information about the piece.
  • Tap Update.

Now, when you toggle My Pieces for an outfit, you’ll be able to shuffle to see the outfit with the different options in your closet. 

Note: There’s no limit to how many instances of each item you can add to your closet.

And, that’s how to customize closet items and add multiple versions of items to the Closet.

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