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Changing Classification and Duplicating a Closet Piece

Changing Classification

Instead of deleting a piece and having to re-upload it all over again to change the category, you can now quickly change the classification of an item.

Let’s say you want to change the classification of the sweatshirt into a fitted sweater. You can now do that two ways:

First, click the three-dot menu and hit “change classification”.

Or, you can do it from the item popup by clicking on the two arrows icon, which looks like this:


We’ve also added a way to duplicate a piece so that when you want to use a piece, like the neutral skirt also as a tan skirt, you can now duplicate it instead of needing to re-upload. This feature will also save any information you’ve written in the item note.

We recommend duplicating a piece before changing the classification if you’ve already used it in customized outfits.

You can find how to do this in the same three-dot menu, or within the item popup by clicking this icon:

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