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Are you a mom wanting to enjoy effortless style and comfort this winter season? Wish it wasn't such a frustrating struggle to decide what to wear each morning?

This winter wardrobe plan of 35 key clothing and accessory pieces is going to knock your cute socks off, mama! Except, we want the cute socks on. So hold on to your socks cause I'm introducing...


The Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Stay-at-Home Moms

(2 color palette variations)

Creates 130+ Outfits

You'll want to snag the 7 outfit ideas and clothing planner checklist below because this wardrobe plan is going to be a blast to do together!

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7 Days of Outfit Ideas from the Capsule

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Some More Juicy Details

why i think capsules are key to mom sanity... and how my capsules "break the rules"

Let me address the stigma around the word "capsule." I shared this on a recent newsletter to my subscribers and I think it helped clarify a lot.

If you're like me earlier this year, a "capsule wardrobe" might put you off. I mean, not everyone is excited by the idea of a TINY wardrobe. But since starting this blog and style journey, I've learned a couple things during my research of best ways to improve my wardrobe experience.

Below are the points that shape my personal philosophy on capsules, and the approach I take when offering them on the blog. These are not necessarily principles used by everyone, just ME as a mom blogging for other moms. Yes, after trying one for myself, I've shaped the way we use capsules on this blog differently than other places. It's NOT throwing everything away except a select few pieces; it's NOT buying only expensive and high quality pieces. Here's how I define capsules for moms:

  1. A mom capsule wardrobe is a temporary subdivision of your larger wardrobe that accommodate a particular season—whether that's a season of life or a season of the year. It makes the transition more affordable. Has your size changed after pregnancy? Perhaps you are pregnant and need maternity-wear. Or maybe you just landed a part-time job and need some work outfits. Or just a change in seasons of the year is leaving you without outfit options. Your capsule wardrobe will be just a small part of your total wardrobe... it's a set apart section of your wardrobe solves your life season's pain point without breaking the bank. You don't get rid of all your clothes when you shape a capsule, you simply extract key pieces from what you own and put them all together because they belong together and will serve you for a certain season of life. (For me recently, that was my maternity capsule wardrobe.) As the seasons change again, you reshape your capsule (grabbing from your larger wardrobe) to fit your current needs.

  2. A mom capsule wardrobe is not about having a tiny amount of clothes. It's about planning clothing pieces carefully to create huge flexibility for outfit remixing. Because when your clothes all go together, it becomes a breeze to get dressed each morning. A capsule can have 10 pieces or 50 pieces. It's more about the selection of pieces than the number of them.

  3. A mom's capsule wardrobe contains a balance of low quality and high quality clothes. Now sure, we always shoot to buy the highest quality possible (who wants their shirt unraveling the first time it hits the washer?), but mom life is a HUGE factor to consider. If you spend $50 on a crew neck tee because it promises never to pill or fade, you run the high risk of it getting ruined by stains and tears and getting stretched by pulls from your littles. Mom clothes gets a beating, ya know? Not to mention, these expensive shirts often require dry-clean or "hang dry," and ain't nobod got money or time to care for their t-shirts like that. Your capsule should skimp on "perishable" items and pay more for items that will last like boots, coats, or (maybe) jeans. But nah. Get the $10 jeans cause your kid will "drive" his marker all the way up the back tomorrow.

  4. A mom's capsule wardrobe (at least on this blog) offers a balance of timeless classics and trending pieces that are specifically mom-friendly. This insures you look on-point without feeling uncomfortable. And it also means you aren't rehauling your wardrobe every year to look relevant.

For these reasons I am occasionally calling this simply a "wardrobe plan." Because that's what it is. A carefully thought out plan for a season of easy, mom-friendly outfits that fight the frump.

What you should know about this wardrobe plan

  • Because I revolve my plans around timeless pieces, any new wardrobe plan on this blog will incorporate many of the same items. If you tried out my fall capsule wardrobe, you probably already have several (if not most) of the pieces. Congrats mama!

  • I've lowered the pieces included from 46 in the fall capsule to 35 in the winter capsule.

  • Because stay-at-home moms want to look cute and put together without wearing shoes, I'm including "cute socks" and "moccasin slippers" in the plan. "At home" is where the frumpy fight is raging! Looking amazing when you go out is easy because of cute shoes and jackets... "at home" is where we need the inspiration for looking put together.

  • The color palettes I use here are only suggestions! You can choose to follow them or you can tweak the colors to your liking. To insure your capsule is remixable though, make sure the two accent colors ("blue/burgundy" and "olive/burgundy" in my palettes) complement each other, and that you keep one or two base neutral tones. In my color palettes I've chose "white" for the olive/white/burgundy layout and "taupe" for the blue/taupe/burgundy layout.

  • I didn't include a skirt because a dress fulfills the role of a dress and a skirt (by wearing something over the top).

  • You should adjust the capsule items to the weather in your area. If you're in Florida, your scarves might be light and airy. If you're in Illinois, they'll be thick wool :)

  • The color of the boots can be brown or black. I used black in the layout because it is a "cold" color that goes best with winter. But a warm brown can certainly work through fall and winter.

  • The blue jeans can be skinny, straight, or boot-cut, etc... go with your favorite fit.

If you have any other questions about the capsule please comment below!


  1. Take each top and match it with each pair of pants. = 24 outfits

  2. Now match up each of those with each of two cardigans. = 48 more outfit variations

  3. Now instead match the top/pants outfits with a vest. = 24 more outfit variations

  4. Match the hoodie with each of the pants and with the dress. = 5 outfits

  5. Now add a vest to the hoodie/pants and hoodie/dress. = 5 more outfit variations

  6. Wear the dress alone or add any of the tops over the dress. = 7 outfits

  7. Now add the vest or each of two cardigans to the dress and top outfits. = 21 more outfit variations

Adding that up actually gives you 134 outfits! And this doesn't even account for all the variations you could create with the scarves, jewelry, belt, and shoes. Insane right? That's the magic of a carefully planned wardrobe!

Get The Outfit Guide: 30 Days of Unique Outfit Ideas from the Capsule

  • Available in both color palettes.

  • Step-by-step guide for shaping your winter capsule.

  • 30 outfit ideas with "formulas" for easy swapping in and out of similar items.

  • "At Home" outfit ideas with "Errand/Going Out" variations.

  • "Dressy" outfit ideas for special events in your life. All drawing from the same 35 pieces, but put together into more formal looks.


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