Fringe anything is in style right now… you see it on purses, tops and sandals and on skirts and dresses. I only recently jumped on the fringe bandwagon by purchasing a crochet vest with fringe. A vest was on my shopping list and since I couldn’t find the right price on a utility vest I opted for this one on sale at JCPenney.

Avoiding frumpy

Adding layers can often get frumpy, as I’ve more thoroughly discussed in my blog about completer pieces. To avoid that with this long fringe vest, I make sure to wear it over clothes that is well defined underneath (nothing baggy). I also don’t wear another jacket over it if it gets cold, I instead swap the vest for the jacket (to avoid strange tassels popping out the back of it, haha).

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How to combine it

This vest goes with SO much in my wardrobe. My favorite outfits to add it to are:

  • Maxi dress (here and here)

  • Short sleeve or sleeveless tee and skinnies

  • Short sleeve or sleeveless tee and shorts (here and here)

  • Day dress, knee-length (like this one)

Two Favorite Outfits to Add Fringe

Here are some other favorite fringe pieces available for less than $50:

Not sure what trends you want to try? See my Style & Color Palette guide on how to find your style. It includes a free printable to help you sort it out.

Do you own anything with fringe on it? Let us know how you style it in the comments below!

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