Easy hacks for moms to transform simple or boring outfits into trendy statements! In this post I style a couple of denim jacket styles. They are both timeless and trending right now! // Mom style // mommy fashion // budget fashion // easy fashion // simple fashion

So we all have different tastes.

I believe moms (and every woman in any stage of life) should stay true to their personal style. I have a personal style. It’s not super girly nor very athletic. The best way I can describe it is “Classic with Sprinkles of Bohemian.” Although I’ve slowly become trendier in style since launching this blog, I’m still not into spending all my clothing budget on purely trending items because they may fade out within a year or two.

However, while I spend most of my budget on classics and timeless clothing, I like to enjoy splashes of fashion. It keeps my wardrobe relevant and fresh.

As a mom, I have looked for ways to look “in style” without the hassle. A couple weeks ago I demonstrated how a couple of trending necklaces or scarves can spice up your outfits.

Today I’m sharing how denim jackets can add a dimension of fashion, complexity and completion to your outfits. Although denim jackets are especially popular right now, I’d say they are also a timeless piece. They’ve been around for many, many years. So to me, owning a couple different colors/styles of denim jackets is a smart investment. I know they’ll stick around my closet for years to come. 


How I style

My White and Dark Wash Denim Jackets











Denim Jackets for under $50


Exact Dark Wash Jacket from Old Navy Similar White Jacket at JCPenney