This month I knocked one solid need off my shopping list: a chambray button-down! This is a basic that I can use from fall to spring and both comfy and casual. Perfect for mommyhood. 

My sister-in-law had let me borrow her new chambray top and I loved how it fit and felt so much that I went online and ordered one without hesitating!

I would have loved to find a chambray top at a better deal at a thrift or consignment shop, but I’ve looked for over a year without success, so I knew it was time to just buy it new. It’s a classic, basic piece in any woman’s wardrobe, so I felt comfortable doing that. 

This chambray button-down is labeled as Junior’s on Target.com. I did have to get a size Medium, whereas another button-down from Target was perfect at size Small. If you’re thinking of popping this one in your cart, consider going a size up! Or order both sizes, have it delivered to your local Target for free shipping and then return the one that doesn’t fit. 😉

Besides the chambray top, we also got hubby a new pair of work jeans.

My Budget: $65.63

($25.63 left over from February + $40 regular monthly budget)

What I spent: $36.80

This shirt is nearly sold out. 

See: SimilarSimilar (lighter), Similar (plus size)

Here are a couple of the ways I’ve styled it on Instagram.

A photo posted by Corina (@nowthaticando) on

A photo posted by Corina (@nowthaticando) on


Goal #1 this month (April) my goal is to buy some new workout clothes. I can’t remember the last time I spent money on athletic wear. I hate spending on that stuff. So if I don’t just force myself to buy some I’ll keep wearing the same ratty clothes I usually do to go running. And feeling cute when you’re working out is definitely going to help bust some more calories, right?

Goal #2 is taking inventory of my existing maternity wardrobe and planning out what I need to finish off a complete maternity capsule wardrobe. I’m excited about this process! I’ll definitely be sharing about it on the blog.