This Momma's Clothing Budget & Finds: June 2016

An unfortunate impression that comes with running a blog is that the author has endless amounts of money to spend on clothes (or whatever he or she talks about on their blog). It can end up discouraging readers or harming them if they try to blindly keep upโ€”as if that is the solution to their frustrations with clothes or any other topic. To combat that illusion, this blogger shares her monthly clothing budget and the deals she found on the blog each month! An encouraging and insightful blog for moms who want to fight frumpy and dress cute and classy despite the demands of motherhood. // Mom fashion // Budget Report // Tips // How-to // Inspiration // Real life // Versatile wardrobe

It's time to report my budget and finds for the month of June! Not sure why I do this? Check out my first ever report here for a little explanation.

I scored one more item from my maternity capsule wardrobe: accent colored shorts. CORAL shorts to be exact. *insert heart-eyes emoticon* Pregnant moms, have you ever shopped maternity at Ross? You should. Today. Such fun selection! If you wanna stand out from the crowd with some unique maternity pieces you need to check Ross out.

Besides maternity shorts, we also spent on work jeans for hubby and some unmentionables! Yay! Not. Although hubby does look pretty hot in his new work jeans. *Sizzle*



My budget: $60.37

What I spent: $54.50

$5.50 under budget! 

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Goals for July

  • I think my maternity wardrobe is in a pretty good place. I may replace a couple of the tees that are a bit worn. Not urgent though. 
  • I will continue to keep my eyes open for the perfect utility jacket and other completer pieces/shoes from my regular shopping list.
  • If I find the perfect workout pants for less than $15, I will buy them. So far, no luck.
  • Continue replacing/restocking unmentionables!
  • July is my birthday month and in past years I've asked hubby to take me shopping as my gift... you may just see a few new items from that occasion in next month's report!

What did you score this month? Come on, boast a little ;) Let us know in the comments below!


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