Every month I share what my clothing budget and purchases were to keep things transparent and empowering around here. I may be a “fashion” blogger but I don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on clothes! I too have to shop smart and become a master at remixing my wardrobe

Did you read in my last report that we increased our family budget from $40/month to $60/month? This is to accommodate the needs of our growing tribe. So far it’s been just the right adjustment.

If you haven’t already calculated your ideal family budget for clothes, check out this post for why it is an awesome move and how you can determine a smart amount.

This month I don’t have any fun purchases to share with you. *insert sad panda* While I did hint about the possibility of going birthday shopping, I ended up falling in love with a mini hutch cabinet at a consignment store and got that for my birthday instead. Fun for me. Boring for this post. 

So where did the money go this month? We spent on clothes replacements (aka underwear) and new shorts for hubby. See below for my August goals!


My budget: $65.50

What I spent: $59.92

$5.58 under budget!

Goals for August

  • Purchase fedora from Target. (I already know which one I want!) See this post for the hat challenge I posed to my readers.
  • Find an olive green utility vest.
  • Find excellent quality workout pants for $15 or less.

What did you score this month? Come on, boast a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can help make this boring post interesting by contributing YOUR fun finds!