This mommy blogger shares her clothing budget and finds each month. See how her wardrobe is shaping up in April! This month the goal was finding active wear and maternity items.I’m so excited to share my finds for April!! 

This month I had two major goals: 1) update my athletic wear and 2) plan a spring/summer maternity capsule wardrobe.

For the first goal, I found the perfect athletic tee at Costco that is elastic enough and long enough to use throughout the whole pregnancy! Easy peasy. And cheap! I decided that is all I needed for now (I’d pair them with leggings) and to wait until fall/winter to invest in pants. 

As for the second goal, it came together on a Sunday afternoon. I spent about an hour one lazy Sunday afternoon planning out my maternity capsule wardrobe. (This is my first ever capsule! You can read about my process and what I found here.) I had most of the items for the capsule already in my wardrobe, but that left a few items on my shopping list

That same Sunday afternoon, thanks to dear hubby watching our toddler, I had a couple of hours to do some shopping! I found several items from my list at Burlington Coat Factory so I decided to check them off even if it meant going over my budget a bit. (This belly is growing fast so there’s no sense in waiting to buy the clothes. They are a better investment the longer I can put them to use during this pregnancy.) I was pleased to find I only went over my budget by a couple dollars!


My Budget

Here’s this month’s budget with an explanation of where the funds came from:

My Budget: $68.82 (regular $40 in April + $28.82 carried over from last month

What I spent: $71.24 (that bites just $2.42 from next month’s budget)


My Finds

Click on images below to view price/colors/availability.


What where your finds this month? Come on, boast a little 😉 Let us know in the comments below!


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