Welcome to my second “budget and finds” report on the blog! If you’re wondering why I’m posting this each month be sure to read the intro in my first report.  In short, I want to encourage momsnot discourage them with an appearance of “endless funds” on the blogger’s side. I’ve got a budget and I’m sticking to it just like any other mom!

In late January my hubby and I found out I was expecting again! We are so excited and in awe at the miracle of life all over again. (To see a pic of our current family, check out the About Corina page.) At the beginning of February however, I was hit hard by morning sickness. Most of the month was spent trying to survive. each. day. By God’s mercy, the severity has let up quite a bit in the last weekI am sooo relieved! But all that to say, I was definitely not in a state of mind to care about what I wore or what was missing from my closet in the month of February. Thus, I spent $0 on clothes!

That means my budget from February can get added to March, woot woot!! This month I do plan to try and find a few things on my shopping list, but will probably also be spending on some much needed socks for both hubby and I. I’m thinking athletic for him, polka dots for her. Yeah, that sounds nice.

My Budget this Month: $25.30

What I Spent: $0



What is your clothes budget? What bargains did you find this month? Share with us in the comments below!