My budget: $36.75 ($60 – $23.25 over budget last month)

What I spent: $54.19

$17.44 over budget (this will be taken out of next month’s budget)



Click the item to see availability online. The tunic top is out of stock so I linked to other striped tops. 


Target Fedora: 12.99 + tax = $14.12

Target Striped Tunic: 7.90 + tax = $8.58

Target Striped Tee: 4.98 + tax = $5.41

Target Nursing Needs: 23.99 + taxes = $26.08

At last I was united with the perfect fedora. I had been on the look out for one ever since I styled my sister’s fedora. I was just one of those pieces that added pizzazz to my going-out mom outfits and was the perfect push out of my comfort zone. Last month’s purchase was a flop (literally!) so I was so relieved when Target’s fedora arrived and it fit just like I wanted it to. So looking forward to wearing it this fall! (Oh the things a fashion blog will get you to add to your wardrobe! Hats were NOT my thing before!)

I got out to Target with my toddler a week or two before having my second baby, and every Target lover knows you can’t go to Target without browsing their clothes. It’s a love affair. One that I’ve also only discovered since starting this blog. Don’t ask me why, but I simply didn’t realize how AWESOME Target was before diving in to easy style for moms. Their stock is always on point! Which means… their clearance racks are a gold mine.

That’s where I found the striped tunic and striped tee. I had been looking for these essential/classic wardrobe pieces because the only striped tee I had was my maternity one. 

I got both because one is black pin-striped and the other is navy breton striped. Two similar yet distinct looks that lead to different outfits. (See what I recommend for Fall here!) I also love that the black striped one is a tunic top (meaning it’s extra long). Although it’s not maternity, as you can see on Instagram I sort of lived in it during the last couple weeks of pregnancy! 

And last, but not least–the item that made me go over budget–a new nursing bra in preparation for Baby Clark! For obvious reasons, I decided it couldn’t wait.

This is the second month in a row that I went over budget! This month I’m determine to break that two month streak. This will mean reserving any purchases til the end of the month in case other family needs come up. 

Hold me to it, ok?

Here’s why I keep a budget and why I think every mama should have their own!

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Goals for October

  • Don’t go over budget! 
  • Looking for real leather riding boots but these will probably have to wait til November for my budget to build up.
  • Also looking for a blanket scarf

What did you score this month? Come on, boast a little 😉 Share with us in the comments!

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