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Every month I share what my clothing budget and finds were for the month. I do this to be transparent with you all and avoid the impression that I have endless amounts of money to spend on my wardrobe.

I may blog about fashion but I still keep a regular family budget! I want to prove to myself that having a great wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So far so good!

I want every one of you mamas to feel empowered to improve your wardrobe regardless of your budget. Just start with the most essential pieces, use my tips from the last report to save money, and enjoy the small improvements that will eventually add up to a complete picture. That “complete picture” is a wardrobe that you LOVE wearing and that has clear objectives for what to add as you move forward.

For May and June I didn’t buy anything for myself because I had what I needed for the spring/summer capsule plan. I still reported our family clothes budget usage that month to give perspective for my budget in July. I got out shopping by myself TWICE in July. Glorious! It was my birthday and going shopping by myself was one of my treats. That was when I found most of my pieces.

When I shop I always take along my trusty shopping checklist. You can download yours for free here.

I only give myself 30 minutes to an hour at each store, and go straight to the items I’m looking for.  Thanks to pre-planning with my capsule plan and list, I know exactly what I’m looking for, down to the color. This makes shopping easy and avoids overwhelm. I only buy when I find the right items from my list OR when I come across an item that is deemed worthy to get added to my list. Only items I LOVE get taken home!

As you can see, the key here is CONSTRAINTS! Constraints on my budget and what I’ll buy helps me have success while shopping and come home happy, rather than feeling guilty.

Now on to the budget report and items I bought!


Family budget: $12.33

($60- $47.67 over budget last month)

Spent: $12.00

Under Budget: $0.33

In May I didn’t purchase anything for myself. $12 went to clothes for the boys.



Family Budget: $60.33

Spent: $42.62

Under Budget: $17.71

In June I didn’t purchase anything for my personal wardrobe. 42.62 went to clothes for the rest of the family.



Family Budget: $77.38

Spent: $100.38

Over Budget: $23.00

What I Bought

In July 34.76 went to clothes for the rest of the family. I spent 65.62 on wardrobe items for my myself. Since I can’t get out to shop by myself every month, I’m okay with going over budget on the months that I do.

I also purchased several items using gift cards or personal money. I’m sharing those below too, but they didn’t come out of our family budget.

Tax, if any, is included.

Tote Bag, Nine West (Burlington Coat Factory): $32.60

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Tote Bag

I’d been looking for one of these for a while. I’m tired of buying purses only to have them fray and start falling apart within a year of getting them. I bought high quality ($70 purse) at Burlington Coat Factory to get the discounted price.


Thong Sandals, Sam & Libby, Consignment: $8.68

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Thong Sandals

Love how these ultra comfortable sandals make any simple outfit a bit trendier.

Olive Jogger Pants, Bullhead, Consignment: $9.77

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Jogger Pants

These aren’t the usual stretchy jogger pant material… they’re like cotton slacks but in jogger cut! I LOVE how comfortable they are and yet I feel trendy and put together. The olive tone is perfect. I know I’ll be using them a ton in the fall and winter, even early spring.



Ivory Chunky Knit Sweater, GAP, Consignment: $7.60

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Fitted Sweater

This basic, fitted sweater is going to get lots of COZY use this fall and winter! It can be dressed up or down and layer over pieces easily.

Hot Pink Athletic Pullover, Layer 8, Consignment: $3.80

I’ve been working on getting cute workout gear since I used to default to old clothes. This piece is a fun color and perfect for chilly outdoor workouts.


Geometric Statement Necklace, Kohls: $3.33

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Statement Necklace

I love statement necklaces and especially geometric ones! At $3.33 this one was a steal!

Additional Purchases Using Gift Cards or Personal Money


White 7” Shorts, Old Navy: $16.29

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Neutral Shorts

Excited to have found these on the clearance rack at Old Navy! My other white ones were maternity so I needed some without the stretchy panel to allow for tucking 😉


Leopard Scarf, Old Navy: $3.77

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Pattern Scarf

I‘ve been looking for a leopard scarf and voila! It was also on the clearance rack at Old Navy.

Denim Skirt, GAP, Consignment: $5.42

This one is replacing my previous denim skirt that was a size too big. Denim skirts are a basic for around the house or dressed up for casual events.


Cutout Wedge Shoes, Material Girl, Consignment: $7.59

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Fashion Sandals

My sister has a pair like these that I drool over every time she wears them… so these came home with me to replace another wedge pair that are too small.

Olive Peplum Blouse, Mossimo, Target: $17.48

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Dressy Blouse

I left the store and then came back to buy this one. You know it’s one to take home when you can’t get it off your mind! I’m so glad I did. I’ve gotten lots of compliments because olive is a color tone that works well with my skin… and it’s peplum! So feminine and sweet.


The more I shop with purpose the more I love everything in my wardrobe. 

Want to know how to plan what to buy? Check out this post about creating a smart shopping list.

Did you snag any great deals this week?

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