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I’m finally sharing my February finds! I had a busy start to March launching the Spring/Summer Outfit Guide. Which is why this post is so late.

Most of my purchases in February were for items in the Spring/Summer capsule, so I’m excited to share what I found!


My budget: $66.86

($60/month + 6.86 left over from last month)

What I spent: $61.78


Items Purchased

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#1 Floral Scarf, Target (out of stock)

#2 Minimalist Necklace, Forever 21 (Similar)

#3 Joggers, Old Navy (out of stock in blue)

#4 Athletic Shorts, Old Navy

#5 Dark Wash Skinny Jeans, Old Navy — RETURNED

#6 Quilted Vest, Old Navy (out of stock)

#7 No-show Socks, Costco (not available online)

Cost Breakdown

(tax, if any, is included.)

#1 Floral Scarf, Target: $16.30



This is the exact scarf from the Spring/Summer Capsule plan, and quickly went out of stock. I had tagged it with Shoptagr though, so I got a notification when it came back in stock for a short time. As I was checking out, it showed I was purchasing one of just the TWO left in stock. Phew! That was close!

I love this scarf! The pattern is just gorgeous. The colors pop and just screams SPRINGTIME! It is also super soft… which goes for all Target’s Merona scarves.






#2 Minimalist Necklace, Forever 21: $7.50


 I took off the middle layer of the necklace to make it simpler! I took off the middle layer of the necklace to make it simpler!

I included a “minimalist necklace” in the Spring/Summer Capsule because I’ve been learning they are key to easy style. On simple outfits they make a feminine statement that pulls everything together.

I picked this one up in the mall on my way to get my wedding ring checked and cleaned. If you’re looking for a simple necklace, you will find TONS of cheap options at Forever 21. I know my necklaces run a high risk of being snapped off by little baby hands so I didn’t want to spend too much on one.

When I first wore this necklace, the three layers were constantly getting all tangled up. I also felt it looked too busy– not minimalist like I was going for. So I snipped off the middle layer with wire cutters! I thought it looked a lot nicer with just two layers farther apart. Plus it doesn’t get tangled up anymore.




#3 Joggers, Old Navy: $14.13 (on sale + free shipping)



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In August last year I had purchased a pair of joggers that have since shrunk too much in the dryer. Which is a huge shame! They were really cute, but now they fit more like cropped leggings, haha! I think part of the problem was I’d gotten them one size too small to begin with.

So when I saw these on sale on Old Navy’s website, I took a close look. I was surprised to find there were over 100 reviews and a 4.5 avg rating. I read through a few reviews and learned they were super popular because of their softness and chic appearance. They also looked good after washing. So I went for it since they were $13 and I had a free shipping code. So far I have loved them!

#4 Athletic Shorts, Old Navy: $8.70 (on sale + free shipping)

These workout shorts were another item from the Spring/Summer Capsule. I got them on sale with free shipping from Old Navy at the same time as the joggers.

Don’t worry, I will be wearing them with gray compression shorts underneath to lengthen them for modesty 😉

I love the color (mint) and am glad to finally have proper shorts for workouts… last summer I melted in my pants or leggings when I’d go running. I was also pregnant, so that added to the melting factor.

#5 Skinny Jeans, Old Navy: $10 + $5 shipping = $15 – $10 (RETURNED) = $5 (returned in store but still $5 down for shipping)

Sorry, that was a lot of numbers. In short, I returned these jeans but since they don’t pay you back for the original shipment cost, these still cost me $5.

I liked the way these jeans fit except on the waist… too tight. Gave me a muffin top that I don’t get with my other pants. Not saying I couldn’t lose a few pounds, but these pants made me feel way fatter than I actually thought I was. :o)

My friend tried on one of the sizes I ordered and it fit her so perfectly she bought them from me! So I wouldn’t say they are badly designed. It just comes down to your body shape.

Jeans are one of those items you should really shop for in-person. There are too many different fits to nail it online. I was reminded of that with this purchase.



#6 Quilted Vest, Old Navy: $10.15

I had been looking for a quilted vest for the Winter capsule and finally picked one up. Since it was late in the season I found it on clearance (originally $34.95)! It had an easy-to-remove-stain so the clerk gave me an additional 15% off. I was pretty stoked.

I don’t feel that this vest gives me much added warmth (maybe a puffier one would?), but I love that I can add it to soooo many of my outfits to add variation and that “completion” factor.

Pretty excited with this find.



#7 No-show Socks, Costco: $8 – $8 (Costco Rewards) = $0

And my final find was an 8-pair pack of no-show liners at Costco. I bought them with some of our Costco rewards check so no money out of the pocket for these.

They are the first liner sock that STAY ON! They have rubber strips on the heel… that’s the no-slip trick. I’ve loved using these when wearing my moccasin slippers at home or going out with my slip-on sneakers. It gives the “barefoot” look without the icky sweat!

One complaint with these is the rubber on the back kind of digs into your heel after wearing it a few hours. However, I simply readjust the sock to relieve the discomfort.

Goals for March

My goals are to continue checking off items from my Spring/Summer Capsule checklist. You can download your own checklist here.

I actually already went out shopping this month while my mom watched the boys one afternoon. But you’ll have to wait til April to see what I found 😉 As you can see, I was pretty excited.

Download the Spring/Summer Capsule Checklist for free here.

Now I’d love to get your scoop… do you like to shop for the current season (paying mostly full price) or do you mostly shop clearance (even if it’s not for the current season). Maybe both? Let’s talk in the comments!







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