Well this month was exciting in the clothing department! Had to make up for last month some how… ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I crossed FOUR things off my shopping list this month! These items are perfect in prep for fall. However, I did go over my budget, largely in part to a “mishap” with one of my orders. I’ll go into that more in a sec.



My budget: $65.58 ($60 + $5.58 left over from last month)

What I spent: $88.83

$23.25 over budget (this will be taken out of next month’s budget)


Items Purchased (and kept)

Click the item to see availability online. (Note: The Marc New York jacket is from Costco, but currently unavailable online.)

Cost Breakdown

Capri Joggers: 14.99 + 1.99 shipping – 0.75 discount = $16.23

Casual Jacket: 14.99 + 1.31 tax = $16.30

Utility Vest: 22.00 + 1.91 tax = $23.91

Lace Up Flats: 16.00 + 1.39 tax = $17.39

Total: 73.83  + 15 (Boohoo return postage) = $88.83

I had my first experience shopping from Boohoo.com (a U.K. based company). I’d say the experience was mixed. I ordered five items from my shopping list, but had to return 3 because they either didn’t fit right (shoes were too big), weren’t quality enough (the jogger pants were too thin), or I didn’t like the way it looked on me (the fedora that looked more like a cowboy hat). And the most painful part is, I had to pay $15 in postage to send those items back (they only pay for shipping for returns within the UK). That’s $15 that cut into my clothing budget this month and didn’t buy me anything! I tell ya folks, it was painful. But I’d have to say it was probably worth it for what I DID keep in my order and ADORE: an olive utility vest with gold buttons and lace up flats with eyelet cut outs

I had also been looking (for MONTHS) for a casual but nice-looking jacket to wear around the house in the fall/winter. I love cardigans, but sometimes want something warmer when the chillies really set in. I didn’t want a hood and I didn’t want it to crash my entire outfit. So I searched a while to find one for the right price. I found it this month! At Costco! Seriously, those peeps carry some cute clothes. And often (not always) at prices you can’t beat. The jacket is black/white with a lovely houndstooth pattern. It is soft and warm on the inside (like a light fleece) but chic on the outside! LOVE IT. And for $14.99 ๐Ÿ˜‰

And finally I found CUTE work out pants from Groopdealz! I love that company. And you’ll often see me sharing their deals in my weekly newsletter deals. (You can sign up for my weekly newsletter on the side bar. It’ll give you access to the printables archive as well.) What I like about these joggers is they are tapered at the bottom, so you can push them up to wear as capri or pull them down to wear as pants. And they just look cute! Something about the way they’re cut, the drawstrings and the black stitch detail. I’ve linked to the current deal but Groopdealz items expire, kind of like Groupon, so you may want to sign up for their newsletter to see when they come around again. I’ve seen them offered twice so far. And they’re currently $2 cheaper than when I bought them. 

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Goals for September

  • Still on my list: buy a fedora. (I’m keeping my promise!) This time I’m just planning to go with Target. They have great options at good prices ($12-14).
  • Leave the rest of the budget open to other needs for baby’s arrival (due September 30!).

What did you score this month? Come on, boast a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ Share with us in the comments!

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