Then They Were 4

I am so happy to announce we are now parents to TWO boys.

Our baby arrived safely on Sunday afternoon, September 25. 

He made a fast debut, and we barely made it to the birth center on time. I really thought I'd be having him in the front seat of our car. Thank Heavens we pulled in at the center just before my first push and he arrived in a more... shall we say "civil" manner? :)

In fact, his arrival in the afternoon was really quite considerate of him... we got started as second-time new parents with a decent amount of sleep in our pockets. 

a bit of birth story

(without the gross details)

For the second time, we decided to go with a natural birth and had the same wonderful midwives as with our first. Yes, I had my baby out of the hospital and delivered by midwives at a birth center. Yes we do the midwife thing. And yes we do believe in witch craft. 

Just KIDDING. About the witchcraft. (Any Jim Gaffigan fans out there? ;) ) Otherwise, yes I guess  we are just as insane as it might seem. 

Anyway, the birth was crazy and amazing and hard and empowering all at the same time. 

I had pretty consistent contractions all Saturday night but they had tapered off in the morning. When they picked up again around 11 am on Sunday morning, they were powerful but far apart... like 15 to 30 minutes or more apart.

I had just settled for the fact that it was false labor and tried to grin and bear it as well as I could. Any prelabor must be helping the real deal go smoother-- right? Little did I know how true that was.

Around 3 pm I was laying down to try and rest for what I expected to be another long night of false labor. The contractions started again, but now they were coming every five minutes and getting more powerful. I needed Kyle to support me through them. 

And then it hit me, I was in transition. I just knew it. And I felt baby start to descend. All this within 20 minutes.

We called my midwives and my sister to come stay with our toddler who was napping.Between contractions, Kyle rushed to get everything into the car. 

Baby continued descending with each contraction and I was panicked to get to the birthing center as fast as possible. On our way there I had to pant through the contractions to keep from pushing. After the twenty minute drive that felt like an eternity, we arrived.

30 minutes later our precious baby boy was born. The euphoria in the room could have powered the city for a day. There is no better moment in life than when your precious baby is born.

We've named him Clark.

pictures. because that's really why you're reading this post!

39 weeks and ready to pop


Day before birth: A final fall activity with just one


Well hello, little baby


Bonding time with daddy



Tiny toes


First diaper



Just home from the birth center


Meeting big brother


Clark, 3 days old


No longer a family of three


So what are your outfits of the day this week, Corina?


Girl, WHATEVER is COMFY and FITS. If it makes me feel pretty, that's a lovely bonus. ``

But I do plan to share some tips for comfy, cute postpartum clothes in a future post! 

Although I have about a post per week planned for the next few weeks, I plan to take a "maternity leave" of sorts until life settles into a new routine. 

I will still be around though! Keep your questions and comments coming because I read them every day!