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January tends to feel like the longest month of the year. At least that’s how it feels for me most years. Thankfully this year it’s been different! Both Kyle and I feel like it’s flown by.

Maybe it’s the busyness of life with two. One moment you’re euphorically enjoying the beauty of having children, and the next you’re ready to throw the towel in and have them adopted. 😉 Parenthood is such an intense ride of ups and downs. I had always heard parents say that, but it can never be fully understood until you’re LIVING it.

At the end of the day though, it’s always 110% worth it. (Everything’s worth it once the kids are in bed, right!?) Haha. No but for reals. These munchkins are the biggest blessings Kyle and I have ever experienced. I love them so much my heart could burst.

All that to say… life is busy. And though I’m looking forward to spring, I’m not DYING for it to come, like most years 😀

Now on to what I found from my shopping list this month and how much of our family budget was spent!

I’m changing something up starting this month. “My budget” will not be the total family budget (currently $60) but rather what was left for my personal clothes after the rest of the family’s needs.


My budget: $47.09

(that’s after the rest of my family’s needs were deducted)

What I spent: $40.23



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#1 Swing Dress (nursing-friendly), ModMums on Jane.com – deal ended – See more ModMums items on their website.

#2 Black tights, Berkshire on Amazon

Want to know how to create your own clothing budget? You can find the steps here.

Cost Breakdown

(tax, if any, is included)

Nursing-friendly Swing Dress: $24.99 + 2.99 (shipping) = $27.98

Ladies, let it be noted that I would almost NEVER have paid this much for a dress before. I used to buy quantity (for as cheap as possible), whether or not it was the right item for my closet.

But because this type of “simple dress” has been on my shopping list for months, I know exactly what I want when I spot it. I’m not spending money on other clothes that will just sit in my closet. So spending a few extra dollars on a piece that I KNOW will be worn over and over with various items in my closet… is worth it. That’s why I’m comfortable spending a bit more (when needed) to get the RIGHT piece.

I love, love this purchase. Here’s why:

#1 It’s nursing friendly! I miss dresses while I’m nursing. This one has zippers on either side for easy nursing access.

#2 It’s versatile. The simple design means I can wear it with various kinds of jewelry and accessories, with or without cardigans and jackets, with a half-open button-down, with a sweater, with many kinds of shoes (slip on sneakers, sandals, ankle boots, regular boots, etc.), in the fall, winter, and spring.

#3 It goes with everything in my winter capsule. Because I’m sticking with a set color palette, I have enjoyed how well this dress combines with the other tones in my capsule.

Black Tights: $12.25

I bought these for the winter capsule plan and wear them with the swing dress.

I have less to say about these… ’cause I mean they’re just tights. But as far as quality, they have been excellent so far.

Price-wise they were right on the money! As of the time I’m writing this they are even cheaper on Amazon than when I bought them.

They are thick. Not as thick as leggings, but much thicker than pantyhose. On me, they really aren’t sheer at all.

They go up high enough to give me tummy control–awesome for postpartum mamas. If you’re wondering if they’ll be comfortable for your height and size, I recommend reading the reviews on Amazon. There are some great insights on there from various reviewers.

Goals for February

I just read this line from my December goals report for January: “The only items I’m looking for currently are a nursing-friendly knee-length dress, thick tights, and a fitted sweater. These would finish off my shopping list for the Winter Wardrobe plan.” It’s so fun to see that I met two of those goals! I am now just on the look out for a fitted sweater. I’m okay with my current wardrobe though, so I might not even spend time browsing or going out to shop for it.

My other main goal is saving my funds for spring/summer! I’m beginning work on the spring/summer wardrobe plan and outfit guide this month. I want to have plenty of my budget available to buy any pieces from that plan that I might need.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments… which do you prefer: spending less on several clothing pieces or spending more on fewer?


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