The Best Stores to Buy Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing on Any Budget

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find nursing friendly clothes no matter what your budget is. Affordable breastfeeding clothing that will make nursing feel even easier!

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One of the biggest challenges moms can face immediately post-partum (except lack of sleep, of course) is breastfeeding. Especially finding affordable breastfeeding-friendly clothing.

Besides the important things like latch, how long baby nurses, etc., etc., it can be a challenge to find clothes that work easily to nurse in. The last thing you need is trying to figure out how to adjust what you are wearing so you can feed your sweet babe. Save on Pinterest to Keep Handy!

That’s why we want to bring you an epic post full of clothing store recommendations from all types of moms that cover your breastfeeding journey, whether you have little to no money to spend, or plenty of money to spend. 

Find nursing friendly clothes no matter what your budget is. Affordable breastfeeding clothing that will make nursing feel even easier! #breastfeeding #momstyle #momlife #clothes #nursingclothes #style #fashion

We’ve started with styles you already have in your closet that you can easily nurse in, next we cover the ultimate clothing pieces you need that can turn any top into a breastfeeding-friendly top.

After that we have a list of stores that carry nursing-specific clothing pieces JUST for you, nursing moms!

We’ve grouped our stores into two groups: the first is the least expensive options, and the second, investment priced pieces. Look at your closet carefully before you decide what pieces you need or want to buy.

We don’t cover the basics of nursing bras in this post, but if you want to know more about the most important basic every breastfeeding mom needs, go check out our post The Best Nursing Bras & Gear!

Want a store list in printable form? Download our FREE shopping directory that gives you a list of stores with categories for plus-size, petites, maternity and more! 

Free Nursing Friendly Styles

Don’t want to spend on actual nursing tops and dresses? Just use the follow styles of clothes that work well for nursing discreetly.

Admittedly, we are assuming you have a nursing bra or two, so going along with that assumption, here are some types of tops that work well to nurse in without any modifications! 

  • Wrap tops & dresses – wrap style tops allow you to untie one side and pull it to the side to nurse your baby. This is common feature found in dresses as well, and often a lot of maternity dresses are wrap style so you can wear them for nursing post-pregnancy too! 
  • Button Down Tops – Button down tops and dresses have been trending for a while now (check out our list of current spring & summer trends here or fall & winter trends here) which makes them easy to find! Heads up: sometimes button-down styles have faux button holes and they don’t actually un-button so you can separate each side. Double-check this before you order!
  • Stretchy necklines – I’ve had some v-neck and scoop-neck tops that are stretchy enough to pull down and nurse without losing their shape. Look for fabric blends that have 5% or more of spandex or lycra. A current trend that might also work for pulling down is smocked tops because they are typically very stretchy. 

Nursing Camisole to Create Budget-Friendly Nursing Clothes

You can also avoid buying nursing specific styles by using nursing camis under almost any top to create tops with good coverage that you will feel comfortable nursing in. 

Using a basic nursing camisole you can take nearly any top and create a breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe.

Just lift the hem of your top up and pull the cup of your tank down.

Nursing tanks are super comfortable and you can wear them with or without a nursing bra.

They are especially comfortable immediately post-partum and any time you’re going through a period of change in milk production or have tenderness. 

You can get super basic nursing camis that will work as a thin layer under any top or tee, but you can also get tanks that have buttons down the front or some style to them and then just wear a cardigan or open button-up on top of them.

There are many options depending on what fits best in your wardrobe! 


Inexpensive Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothing Stores

These selections of stores have tops ranging in price from $15-$40. We’ve included links that bring you directly to the nursing-friendly clothing section on each website. 

  1. Asos* –  A great selection of basics like nursing tanks and bras, but some fun, trendy dresses and tops too! 
  2. H&M – Search for nursing-friendly clothes on H&M and you’ll find a nice little section with trendy, affordable pieces. I bought these adorable maternity+nursing-friendly jammies there and felt SO cute in them immediately postpartum. 
  3. Mother Bee Maternity – Most of their breastfeeding-friendly clothing are dresses, but there are a few tops and PJs too.
  4. Nursing Queen – A whole website just for nursing-friendly clothes! They’ve got it all: tops, hoodies, dresses, pajamas, swimwear and more!
  5. Old Navy – You can’t beat their prices and I love how Old Navy has good basics with trendy details that make your wardrobe fun! 
  6. Pink Blush – One of Corina’s favorite online maternity stores, PinkBlush also has a great selection of breastfeeding-friendly clothing. They have everything from nursing bras to dresses!

More Expensive Breastfeeding Clothing Stores

These stores have tops ranging in price from an average of $30-$60+. If you are just starting your breastfeeding journey or you plan on nursing for a long time, it’s worthwhile to get some high-quality, basic pieces that will last!

  1. Everly Grey – Available at Nordstrom or on their own website, Everly Grey has some great trendy styles of nursing overalls, dresses, and tops. A lot of them work for maternity too! 
  2. GapMaternity Nursing – Gap actually has a great selection of breastfeeding-friendly clothing (and a lot of them are maternity friendly too – two in one!). From basic bras and tanks to dresses, jumpers and sweatshirts.
  3. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity – Most of Ingrid & Isabel’s nursing clothes are basic pieces, but often those are the ones worth investing in. Bras, tops, but also some joggers and jeans specifically for postpartum. 
  4. Latched Mama – An entire website dedicated to breastfeeding-friendly clothing! They have something for every category: tops, dresses, rompers, loungewear, and even swimsuits! 
  5. Milk & Baby – A website dedicated to nursing, postpartum, and maternity. They also have a baby section, along with diaper bags and swimwear!
  6. NeeSees Dresses – NeeSees is mostly known for their modest dresses, and they have a good selection of nursing-friendly dresses on their site. If you are looking for something dressy they have many beautiful options!
  7. Peachy Mama Nursing – From postpartum jeans to nursing tops, dresses, tanks and more. They have work-friendly dresses and formal dresses too!
  8. Ripe Maternity – This maternity shop has a good selection of breastfeeding-friendly clothes, tops, dresses and lounge and sleepwear.
  9. Seraphine Maternity – They have the usual categories of tops and dresses but also some good options for skin to skin clothes (for daddy’s too!).

We know ease is the name of the game when it comes to ordering clothes, so we also have a dedicated post to the Best Postpartum Clothes on Amazon. Go check it out!

What do you think of these shopping suggestions? Is your favorite store listed here? We’d love to know what you think, so please leave a comment below and let us know! 

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Find nursing friendly clothes no matter what your budget is. Affordable breastfeeding clothing that will make nursing feel even easier! #breastfeeding #momstyle #momlife #clothes #nursingclothes #style #fashion