Review of Mindy Mae’s Market Double Hooded Sweatshirt

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored. I purchased the sweatshirts myself to give an honest review of Mindy Mae’s Market & their sweatshirts. However, this post does contain affiliate links. It helps keep the blog going at no cost to you! Thanks for being here!

One of the items I include in my Stay-at-Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe is a “Cute Hoodie/Sweatshirt.” It’s the reality that we are busy and need comfy go-to pieces. So instead of settling for hubby’s over-sized sweatshirt, we can be intentional about finding one we love and feel good in!

My “cute sweatshirt” was one of those pieces I took a while to find. I ordered a couple of floral sweatshirts from Amazon but wasn’t personally a fan of the thin polyester fabric and poorly printed fabric so I returned those. Ever since a friend told me about Mindy Mae’s Market sweatshirts I’ve been wanting to get one. But they are pricey! So I waited a long time. I finally bit the bullet and ordered two just before Christmas… a couple for me and one for a friend.

 I finally ordered two Double Hood Sweatshirts from MMM!

I finally ordered two Double Hood Sweatshirts from MMM!

Now that I’ve worn them for a couple months (and put them through the wash) I want to share an honest review of these chic sweatshirts and give you a special discount code that they created for readers of Frump Fighters.

Who’s Mindy Mae?

Actually, that’s a great question. That may have been the original owner’s name, but the current owner’s name is Courtney.

Mindy Mae’s Market is a small business shop that sells stylish and trendy clothes for women.

Their most popular pieces are the Double Hooded Sweatshirts but they have lots of other chic women’s clothing too.

They are becoming hugely popular and with good reason! Their selection will make any girl drool.

I learned just how popular they are when I tried shopping their Black Friday sale… items were selling out left and right before I had time to finish check out! It was kinda stressful actually! ?

Honest Review of Mindy Mae’s Market Double Hooded Sweatshirt

I’ve had my two double hooded sweatshirts a couple of months now and here’s what I think.


  • Beautiful & Unique Prints. I love that they have so much variety… really feminine patterns/fabrics and some more athletic ones. And they are constantly bringing new ones in!

  • High quality. I love that these are made with mostly cotton because that means they are durable and stay looking pretty for longer than something made entirely of synthetic materials. Their hoodies aren’t all made of the same fabric blend however. Some have a mixture of cotton + polyester and some are just cotton + spandex. Here is a breakdown of the types:

    • “Triple S” is 95% cotton, 5% spandex – Super Soft & Stretchy : (you might want to size down)

    • “Double S” is 95% cotton, 5% spandex – Kinda Sorta Stretchy : (you might want your regular size)

    • “Simple S” is 65% cotton, 35% polyester- Stretchy? not really : (you might want to size up)

  • They wash well. You can machine-wash them, however they recommend hang-drying. I definitely hung dry because I really don’t want it to shrink! I love the relaxed fit. They look the same after washing.

  • Free shipping! Since I have little kids I do almost all of my shopping online. I love finding online stores that offer free shipping! And with MMM, there isn’t even a minimum order requirement for U.S. orders to get free shipping.

 MMM offers free shipping on any order, no minimum purchase amount for u.s. customers.

MMM offers free shipping on any order, no minimum purchase amount for u.s. customers.

About returns: As long as you didn’t buy a final sale item you can return within 20 days. You do pay return shipping though.

  • Rewards program. They have an easy rewards program and it doesn’t involve signing up for a credit card. In case you become a raving fan…make sure to sign up for it before placing your first order! There should be a “rewards program” button on the bottom right of the website. I already earned a $5 off coupon after my first order.

   Easy rewards program that only requires an email address

Easy rewards program that only requires an email address  

  • Happy shopping experience. Not that this matters that much compared to price and quality, but seriously it was fun to get those unique email messages for my order and shipment confirmation. They made me smile!

Shop Mindy Mae’s Market


  • Price. The Double Hooded Sweatshirts come in at $54… that a lot for “just a sweatshirt.” They do have some discounted though so look for the markdowns. Tip: If you have trouble finding your size on the discounted ones, use the filter at the top to show just your size first. Here’s how I would go about making the most of your purchase:

    • Think about how many times you’d wear one in a year. Divide that by the cost to get your cost-per-wear. If you find you’d get enough uses out of it then budget the money (hint: you’ll probably be wearing in at least twice per week and all weekend like I do)

    • Browse their patterns with versatility in mind: which ones would go with all your pants? For example, if you have black lounging pants, go for grays or colorful ones instead of navy.

    • Then save on your order with these options:

      • Try to find a hoodie you like that is marked down in price.

      • Wait for a sale. They don’t happen often, but I know they do at least Black Friday and 4th of July (I think?)

Shop Mindy Mae’s Market

  • Stuff sells out so fast. Another con is kind of due to how awesome they are—stuff sells out so fast! If you wait for a sale, make sure you have liked them on Facebook to hear about it. Then set a reminder on your calendar to start browsing AS SOON AS THE SALE STARTS. It helps if you already know which ones you want to try snagging because they will literally start dropping out of your shopping cart as they sell out while you’re trying to decide on one. For their Black Friday Sale (the hoodies were $36 I think?) they only gave access to people with a special code (given on their FB page). So yeah, like their page and be prepared for crazy town during sales!

How to wash your MMM Sweatshirt

MMM specifies to wash cold and hang dry.

That’s what I did and they look great after their first wash!

Ways to Wear a Double Hooded Sweatshirt for Lazy Days


Double Hooded Sweatshirts can be worn with any pants, but my favorites are wearing with my joggers, jeans, or leggings.

I sized up on mine and the polka dot one which is the stretchier fabric (Double S on the website) covers the bum.

Completer Pieces

I love adding a denim jacket or quilted/puffer vest to my sweatshirt. For going out, just add a puffer jacket or leather jacket.


Since these cute MMM sweatshirts are in the athleisure category you want to keep it relaxed with no-heel boots, lace-up sneakers or slip-on sneakers.

Size up or Down?

I usually wear size small but got these in size medium. So for a relaxed (not snug) fit, size up one.

They have excellent sizing recommendations on their site so just follow those tips.

In summary, I’ve been very happy with my purchase and glad I used my clothing budget to grab a couple of these cute sweatshirts from Mindy Mae’s Market.

The quality of the fabric and prints is worth the cost (especially using a discount!) if you would wear it often like I do.

I would recommend them for moms who need cute but comfy options for errands or around the house.

I hope this review of Mindy Mae’s Market Double Hooded Sweatshirts helped you out if you’re on the fence!

Shop Mindy Mae’s Market!

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