How to Create a Child’s Capsule Wardrobe (free printable planner)

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Several of you have asked about wardrobe capsules for your children. I knew I had to introduce you to Kelly. I believe I first found her on Instagram and I quickly became a fan of the concept of simplifying your kid’s wardrobe with intentional planning.

I create capsules for moms each season so why not do the same for kids?

Looking for a done-for-you capsule plan? Check out my free Kid’s Capsule plan (one for boys and one for girls!)

Check it out here

Yes, I know, some common objections to simplifying your child’s wardrobe with a capsule might be:

  • My kid would get all their capsule clothes dirty in one day
  • I have a child who refuses to wear anything but their one favorite shirt and shorts no matter the weather
  • I don’t have time to plan one
  • I get all my kid’s clothes for free as hand me downs
  • My mom won’t stop buying my kids more and more clothes

While narrowing your child’s wardrobe down to 30 or less items might not work for everyone, I think Kelly does an excellent job answering many of these objections on the blog.

She will also point out some of the wonderful benefits that come from planning your child’s wardrobe purchases intentionally.

I feel so privileged to have this smart lady on the blog today. So please enjoy reading her 7 steps to creating a kid capsule!

And whether or not you’re sure about trying it yourself, grab the free printable I put together using her capsule creation system. It will help serve as a reminder that you really could use that kind of simplification in your life!

less *cough* laundry *cough*

Hi mommas!

I’m Kelly, a kid’s capsule wardrobe enthusiast, blogger, and a mom of two fun and messy little girls.

We traded overstuffed closets for capsule wardrobes of 30 items or less. These mix-and-match wardrobes include all clothes and shoes, and exclude pajamas, sports uniforms, swimwear, outerwear socks, and undies.


Creating your child’s first capsule wardrobe takes effort, but less stress and more time saved in the future, makes it is well worth it!

Why do I love kids’ capsule wardrobes? Because everything mixes and matches! At age three, my daughter selects her own outfit every morning effortlessly. I can throw a dirty shirt in the wash, knowing another one will match the bottoms that are still clean. And with just enough clothes to get through the week, I’m finally keeping up with laundry! Best of all, capsule wardrobes save money by giving me reason to avoid mindless shopping and impulse buys.

How I Did It

Step 1: Set a Time Limit 

Know yourself! I can waste way too much time shopping online, which is why I set a two-week time limit.

Step 2: Set a Goal, and be Flexible

I encourage moms to start small (30 items or less), and make adjustments as necessary. It’s hard to know exactly what you’ll need for your child’s first capsule wardrobe.

My daughter’s first capsule contained 24 items (clothes and shoes). A week into it, we swapped an “itchy” dress for a new one, and when the weather turned cold, we added two pairs of thick tights.

Step 3: Color Scheme Hack

Search “capsule wardrobe color scheme” on Pinterest, and you’ll find 100 different ideas. These ideas are great, but it may take a lot of time and money finding items that fit perfectly with your favorite color scheme.

I chose a color scheme based on a sale at my favorite store. The color blue, my daughter’s favorite, was a must. Aside from that, things fell into place with little effort. I simply filled my virtual cart with on-sale tops and dresses that I liked, asked my daughter her opinion, and deleted any items that didn’t match her favorites. We kept four out of five of her favorites tops and dresses. This was an easy way to create the foundation and color scheme for the rest of her capsule wardrobe.

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Step 4: Mix and Match

Some people are great at mixing prints. I am not one of those people, which is why I focus on keeping my prints mostly in one of these three categories:

  1. Tops and dresses
  2. Bottoms pants, tights, leggings
  3. Cardigans, zip-up hoodies, jackets, vests

I pick out most of the tops and dresses first; this way I know what bottoms or layering pieces will work with the shirts and dresses. The bottom or layering piece is a good fit for me only if it matches most, and ideally all, of the shirts and dresses. Some of the bottom pieces might clash a bit with each other, but that’s okay so long as they work with the tops or dresses you intend to pair them with. Start by accumulating items from whatever category you want the majority of your prints to be in.


Step 5: Save the Best for Last: Shoes

Saying no to cute shoes, especially if they’re on sale, can be tough. But wait until the end! It’s so much easier planning the shoes and accessories around the clothes rather than the other way around.

Step 6: Keeping it Organized.

Organization methods are a matter of personal preference. I keep the entire capsule wardrobe visible at a glance by hanging everything in the closet. Small bins store the girls’ pajamas, socks, and undies.

Step 7: Maintenance

Now that your child’s wardrobe is established, keep it up by avoiding impulse buys. Only replace items or add to your child’s wardrobe, on an as needed basis.

Use growth spurts, instead of season changes to make any dramatic change to your color scheme. I save money by choosing tops and dresses in prints and fabrics that transition from one season to the next. This means avoiding items with ice cream cones or snowflakes. Summer tops and dresses in the right fabric can transition just fine into fall (and for us, even winter) by simply adding layers. 

Your Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe Awaits

I hope you’re feeling inspired to get started on your kids capsule wardrobe! To get more tips, and see pictures of complete kids capsule wardrobes, visit Corina’s done-for-you Kid’s Capsule.

Wasn’t that an awesomely helpful post by Kelly?! I’m so ready to try a capsule for my boys. Especially for my youngest because his brother’s hand-me-downs are too worn out and I will need to get him some new clothes soon.

Want To Try A Capsule For Your Child?

If you’re ready to dive into simplifying your child’s wardrobe:

# 1: Download the free printable planning worksheet I created using Kelly’s formula. (2-page worksheet, Boy’s and Girl’s version; Total is 4 pages)

Click here to download

#2: Plan your child’s capsule wardrobe. Use the order provided in the printable along with Kelly’s guidelines above.

  1. First declutter by removing items they never wear or don’t fit them. Either store in bins to keep, place in bags to donate, or toss anything that shouldn’t be in their wardrobe now.
  2. Think of a color scheme you’d like your child to follow so that things mix and match.
  3. Write a list of items you’d like to get for them to fill in each category. (get ideas from Corina’s done-for-you kid’s capsule wardrobe plan)
  4. “Shop their closet” by checking off items on the list that they already have. 

#3: Shop for any needed items (what was left unchecked). After reading the blog posts above and using your printable to plan your child’s wardrobe, browse online for the items you still need to buy. Some of Kelly’s favorite places to shop are:

Kelly’s “splurge” shops (look for sales!):

#4: Ask questions if you’re lost. If you have any questions as you’re planning the capsule, come back here and drop your question for Kelly below!

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Happy organizing!