How to Wear A Shirt Over a Dress Without Looking Frumpy

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How to Wear a Shirt over a Dress Easy Layered Outfit with a shirt and dress

Have you ever tried wearing a shirt over a dress? You probably thought it was harder than it looks or you might have even give up. Or you might have stared at that Pinspiration you saved and thought, “works for her, but not me!”

Layering is one of the most basic ways to add interest to your wardrobe.

It stretches your clothing pieces much farther when you can layer them and create totally different looks! 

Using a few basic steps, I recorded a short video for you on how to wear a shirt over a dress. In this example I am using a basic printed tee and a maxi dress, but feel free to branch out and try a different combo! 

Video Tutorial: How to Wear a Shirt over a Dress

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Step-by-Step: How to Wear a Shirt over a Dress

  1. Grab your dress and put it on! (easy, right?)
  2. Grab your shirt of choice. It does need to have a higher neckline than your dress and also have some good stretch so you can actually knot it. 
  3. Put your shirt on over your dress, adjusting the arms and neckline to sit correctly. 
  4. Tuck the back of your shirt under, you want it to stop at your natural waistline. (Tip: If you were to tie a string around your torso and pull it tight, letting it land wherever it wanted to, it would land at the narrowest part of your body, which is usually your natural waist, between your bust & hips.)
  5. Pull the bottom of the front of your shirt all the way forward, carefully tying it into a knot. Adjust your knot, pulling it looser or tighter depending on what fits best. 
  6. TA-DA! You’re done! Quick, simple steps, amiright?!

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Another fun way to layer a shirt over a dress is by using a button-down shirt and tying the ends together at your waist. You can try a sweater too or dresses of any length! 

You may find certain dresses or tops work better than others, but it will all depend on what you have in your closet and what you like best on your body. Don’t get discouraged, just keep trying combos and adjusting them until they work! 

Would you try wearing a shirt over a dress?

Do you have any helpful layering tips? We’d love it if you shared with us below!

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I created a casual dress outfit by layering one of my tops over a dress! This mama blogger wrote a short step-by-step along with her video to show me exactly how to do it. I love her easy fashion tips, especially how to layer my tops and dresses to create fresh styles. #momfashion #fashiontips #tricks #dressoutfit #style