REVIEW: Karma App – The Tool Moms Can Use to Save Time & Money Online

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ShoptagrKarma Now App Review and How to Use

This post was sponsored by Shoptagr/Karma. All opinions are entirely my own. I only write about websites, tools, and opportunities that I genuinely believe in and would personally use!

Today I’m sharing about a personal online savings assistant that I pay nothing for: Karma. And you can use it for free too. Check it out here, and read on about why I think this is an awesome tool for moms who want to dress well on a budget.

What happened to Shoptagr?

Wondering where that handy tool went? Shoptagr rebranded to Karma! It’s still the same tool with the same awesome features.

How I Use the Karma App / Browser Extension to Save Time and Money on Clothes

It’s hard to go shopping for clothes when you have kids. The temptation to buy the first thing you try on is too great. And you may end up regretting the purchase because it’s not what you needed, you paid too much, or you didn’t get the right size.

Then there’s the online shopping. Here the temptation is to get sucked into a black hole of browsing, end up wasting time, and still remain undecided about what to buy.

So often I’ve come across something I love only to find they’re out of my size. Or even more commonly, the price is just too high and I wonder if it will be going on sale soon. But who has the time (or memory!) to be checking back every week for that discount? I’m lucky if I remember to give my toddler his vitamins every morning.

I recently came across an AMAZING tool that is solving this problem for me. I’m so excited to tell you about it.

Moms, I think you’re going to LOVE this.

I feel like I have a personal shopping assistant that’s only bothering me when something I care about happens: like when something I drooled over recently gets a price cut, is about to sell out, or gets back in stock.

Say hello to your new shopping buddy!


Karma Now Review - How it works, app to tell you when something goes on sale or is back in stock.

Though it be but little, it is fierce. 😉

How it works

Karma is an online tool that allows you to save items you love onto lists, down to your size and color preference. When you do, it emails or text you when the items goes on sale (25%, 50% or more). It will also notify you if something is back in stock or is about to sell out.

This means when you go “window shopping” online, you are being efficient with your time. You save items you would consider buying at a lower price and then walk away, knowing you’ll hear about it if the product ever reaches your preferred price point.

GENIUS!! Ah, I love the smart use of your time here. (I used to be a project manager and efficiency runs in my veins!)

Step 1: Create your Karma account on www.karmanow.com. It’s free, no threads attached.

Karma now reviews- how to create a free account

Step 2: Go to the Apps section to install the extension on your browser OR get the app on your mobile device for easy use.

Karma review - how to add to browser and app

Step 3: When you see an item you like anytime you’re browsing, use the button on the toolbar to save it (specifying your size and color preference as well as the discount you are looking for.)

You can also download their mobile app (Apple and Android) if you like browsing on your phone.

Karma Now Review - How it works, app to tell you when something goes on sale or is back in stock 

Step 4: Go about your life! Let Karma keep track of your wish list items and email or text you when there are important price or stock changes.

Karma Now Review - How it works, app to tell you when something goes on sale or is back in stock

Step 5: Karma will email (or text) you when something on your wishlist is on sale, even providing a coupon code you can use.

Step 6: Decide if you are ready ready to buy! Then buy the items you need most at the discounted price. No guilt. Just the satisfaction of brilliant savings.

Use my 5 saving steps to save even more if it’s the right item to add to your wardrobe.

Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how I use Karma to save on items I’m looking for. It’s since changed names from Shoptagr to Karma but it works the same!


Using Karma as a Wishlist

Karma makes it easy to share your wishlists around your birthday, Christmas, or just whenever your husband owes you one. 😀 Just click the “Share List” button on the right-hand side to get your sharing link.

I use it to keep track of items I need from our capsule wardrobe plan!

Earning Cash with Karma

Karma also has an awesome referral incentive! Besides the money you save, you can earn a cash when you use it! It’s straight up cash and they pay out using Paypal. Sometimes they even have a free cash bonus for signing up!


Skipped down to the bottom? That’s cool. Here’s the summary:

  1. Start using Karma to save items you like on your wishlist. (Watch my video tutorial above to learn how to save time and money.)

  2. Sit back and know your browsing time did not go to waste. You will be notified when the items on your list go on sale!

  3. Also use your lists on Karma to share gift ideas (you can create a wishlist!)

  4. Earn cash by using Karma! They pay out via Paypal.

Get started on Karma now and enjoy a few minutes of browsing for that item on your shopping list.

Go to KarmaNow.com to get started saving time and money, mama!


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