How to Style a Gray Hoodie: 8 Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women

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How to Style a Grey Hoodie for Women- Cute Hoodie Outfits

As colder days come along with fall weather, you might be craving comfy looks and reaching for your favorite hoodie. Have you wondered how to style a gray hoodie or other simple pullover in a chic way?

Don’t worry, outfits with hoodies don’t have to be frumpy! There are tons of cute hoodie outfits you can put together, and I’ll show you how using a classic grey hoodie I recently bought on Amazon.

You can wear a gray hoodie pullover with denim jeans, wide-leg pants, joggers, biker shorts, color pants, denim shorts, faux leather leggings, and even a skirt. For pictures, 3 tips to leveling up your hoodie outfits, and links to cute hoodies online, keep reading!

Defining Terms: Difference Between a “Hoodie” and “Sweatshirt” – are they the same thing?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a hoodie and a sweatshirt?

Both sweatshirts and hoodies are usually made with French terry material (or what you might know as “Sweatpants material”):

Explaining the difference between hoodie and sweatshirt - french terry fabric
French terry (sweatpants) material that most hoodies/sweatshirts are made of

A sweatshirt is always a pullover style (no zipper in the front). A sweatshirt can either have a hood or no hood.

Below are some examples of sweatshirts in my closet (no hood, pullover):

On the other hand, a hoodie is a sweatshirt or a jacket that has a hood. This makes a hoodie extra cozy, but also more casual in style than a non-hooded sweatshirt.

A jacket-style hoodie has a zipper and is a little harder to style it in a cute way. Whereas sweatshirt-style hoodies (that you pull over your head) are a little easier to style into cute outfits.

A hooded sweatshirt (no zipper) is what we’re featuring in this blog post and I recommend you go for that style.

If you really want a zip-up hoodie, reserve them for working out and get one that is fitted and stretchy to avoid looking sloppy.

What is the difference between a hoodie and a sweatshirt

How to Style a Hoodie: 3 Steps to Creating a Cute Hoodie Outfit

How to look cute in a gray hoodie - gray hoodie outfit ideas on the blog

I’m going to show you how to style this gray pullover hoodie I found on Amazon as an example of how you can create tons of cute hoodie outfits using three steps. It comes in several different colors and is a very versatile piece!

How to Style a Gray Hoodie (Video)

In this reel, I’m showing you how to use three steps to put together a cute outfit with a gray hoodie.

This is the gray hoodie from Amazon I’m wearing.

Amazon Essentials Women's F...Shop on Amazon

What to Wear Under a Hooded Sweatshirt (Hoodie)

To avoid overheating, and to give me the option to take my hoodie off when out and about, I like to wear a simple short-sleeve tee or tank top under my hoodies. Wear one that isn’t too long to avoid it peeking out from under your hoodie (creates too many visual lines that widen your hips).

Step 1 to Styling a Cute Hoodie Outfit: Try Different Bottoms & Shoes

Jeans are a great option, but many other bottoms like colorful pants, leggings, shorts, and skirts look great with hoodies too! Try to branch out by putting your jeans aside and trying a few different bottoms in your closet.

Depending on what you wear on the bottom, you might find that trying a partial front tuck of your hoodie into your pants, shorts, or skirt looks a little better. Just experiment to see if it looks better left out or tucked.

Do you want a casual or athleisure look?

For casual outfits (that doesn’t look like you’re headed to the gym), try pairing your hoodie with shorts, a skirt, or colorful pants. Or, if you wear your hoodie with leggings, try short rain boots instead of sneakers for shoes.

For the athleisure look, wear your hoodie with joggers or leggings and wear a pair of sleek, stylish sneakers.

(If your sneakers are old and deformed, it’s time for a new pair! Reserve the old pair for runs in the rain or projects around the house.)

Bonus Tip: If wearing sneakers, it’s SUPER important to wear no-show socks. I can’t tell you how much better your outfit will look when you have some of these no-show socks ready to go! These Werner no-show socks on Amazon are the best because they don’t slip off your foot.

Style tip - wear no-show socks with your sneakers. Best no-show socks that don't slip off
No-show socks are super important to avoid looking frumpy when wearing sneakers (any type!). These Werner no-show socks on Amazon are the best because they don’t slip off your foot!

Step 2 to Styling a Cute Hoodie Outfit: Add an Outer Layer

Layers or jackets that look good with a pullover hoodie include:

  • Puffer or Quilted Vest
  • Jean Jacket
  • Leather Jacket, Moto Jacket, Cropped Jacket
  • Utility Jacket
  • Puffer Coat or Puffer Jacket

You don’t always have to add a layer, but if it’s cold enough for one this layered look will really make your outfit look more stylish!

What to wear with a Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women - layer with quilted vest, white sneakers, skinny jeans
One easy layer to add to a hoodie for a great outfit is a Quilted or Puffer Vest

Step 3 to Styling a Cute Hoodie Outfit: Add Accessories

Sometimes the one thing to take your simple jeans + simple hoodie outfit up a notch is an accessory! Here are some ideas:

  • a stylish backpack
  • a sunglasses (wear them on your head when not out in the sun)
  • a belt bag (like a fanny pack that goes across your chest)
  • cute pair of sneakers or other casual shoes
  • a baseball cap
  • or even a cute hair accessory
how to style a grey hoodie for women - 3 tips

Check out the outfit ideas below to see examples of how to accessorize a hoodie!

Cute Grey Hoodie Outfit Ideas

These classic combos are so easy to put together–sometimes we just need the reminder about how to pair the clothes we already have!

Cute Hoodie Outfit #1a: Skinny Jeans + Quilted Vest + White Sneakers

There are so many different ways to pair your hoodie, but we’ll start with this easy outfit combination because everyone has a favorite pair of jeans!

Layer: I added a quilted vest

Accessorize: Pair of white sneakers complete this simple everyday outfit.

What to wear with a Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women - layer with quilted vest, white sneakers, skinny jeans

Cute Hoodie Outfit #1b: Straight or Wide-Leg Jeans + Crossbody Bag + White Sneakers

If you love the wider jean silhouettes that are trending right now, try some wider-leg jeans with your hoodie. Just make sure your hoodie is on the more fitted side. If styling an oversized hoodie, go for a slimmer profile on the bottom (like skinny jeans or leggings) to balance things out.

White sneakers offer a stylish but casual finish (with no-show socks, of course!).

Jeans: Levi’s Rib Cage Ankle Jeans

Cute Hoodie Outfit #2: Biker Shorts + Print Sneakers

For a comfortable outfit on warmer days, go with biker shorts. This athleisure look will take you from the gym to errands, and back home to relax.

Accessorized with: Cute backpack bag, baseball cap, print sneakers

What to wear with a Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women - biker shorts, print sneakers, backpack bag, leopard baseball cap

Cute Hoodie Outfit #3: Jeans & Rubber Ankle Boots

Another jeans outfit… except this one is made more interesting with the colorful Chelsea rain boots.

Accessorized with: Colorful, on-trend rain boots

How to Style a Gray Hoodie - with jeans and chelsea rain boots

Cute Hoodie Outfit #4: Denim Skirt + Slide Sandals

An easy way to wear your hoodies in the spring or early fall: pair it with a denim skirt and Birkenstock-style sandals! Honestly, any cute sandals would go well here.

Accessorized with: Leopard baseball cap, metallic sandals, belt bag

How to Style a Gray Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women - with denim skirt, belt bag, baseball cap, birkenstock sandals

Cute Hoodie Outfit #5: Faux Leather Black Leggings or Black Jeans

Pair your gray hoodie with faux leather leggings (or leather pants) for another perfect outfit!

If you want to hide your bum when wearing leggings, you can tie a denim jacket around your waist.

You can create a similar but slightly more polished look with black jeans.

Layering: Puffer Jacket

Accessorizing: Print Sneakers, Sleek Sneakers, or Short Print Rain Boots

Cute Hoodie Outfit #6: Colorful Pants

We have long rainy seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, so I’ve found that happy pants like these bring me so much joy in the fall and winter when the skies are gray!

You could also wear a pair of colorful wide-leg chinos (I recommend a front tuck to define your shape), or olive cargo pants (if you’re into that style–just make sure to iron those pocket flaps flat!).

Layering: Denim Jacket

Accessorized with: Print baseball cap, print rubber boots

How to Style a Gray Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women - with colorful chinos, short rain boots, denim jacket, baseball cap

Cute Hoodie Outfit #7: Denim Shorts

How to wear your hoodie in the spring or early fall? Pair it with some shorts! First up: Denim shorts.

Accessorized: Pretty headband, colorful backpack bag, metallic sandals

How to style a gray hoodie with denim shorts - crossbody bag, hair band, slide sandals

Cute Hoodie Outfit #8: Colorful Shorts

And the other type of shorts you can pair are some solid, colorful ones! And while I didn’t snap a picture with print shorts–that would look adorable too!

I changed up the bags in this outfit, but otherwise accessorized the same.

How to style a gray hoodie with shorts - Color shorts, crossbody bag, hair band, slide sandals

Wanting some chic sweatshirt outfit ideas? You would style it the same! The one other cute combo you can create with a sweatshirt that doesn’t have a hood is to layer a blazer over it. Pair that with jeans for a super stylish outfit.

Where to Find Cute Hoodies for Women

Here are some general style tips for finding cute hoodies:

  1. Look for a hoodie that fits you well (yes, oversized hoodies are a thing. But there are fewer ways to wear one stylishly.)
  2. As mentioned above in the difference between hoodies and sweatshirts, avoid zip-up hoodies unless you’re working out. Go for a pullover style instead.
  3. Look for a hoodie with a fun detail that levels it up a notch– perhaps a fun print, or color, or Henley-style buttons down part of the front, or a quarter-zip, etc.
  4. Graphic hoodies can look cute, but a solid-colored hoodie will generally be easier to style in a leveled-up way.

Sometimes the difference between a frumpy hoodie outfit and a cute one is how well your hoodie fits or whether it has some stylish details. I like to get my hoodies in either a fun color, print, or texture (like waffle fabric), or with a detail like a zipper or Henley buttons.

Some of my favorite places to find cute hoodies include:

Summary of What to Wear with Hoodies

  • Buy one that fits
  • Buy hoodies with different fun styles, like a fun print, buttons, 1/4 zipper, or different textures
  • Change up your bottoms — hoodies go with so much more than jeans!
  • Consider adding a layer
  • Accessorize (and don’t forget to replace ratty sneakers with stylish ones + use no-show socks)

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I hope that was helpful! If you want links to anything else I was wearing in the pictures, please drop a comment below.

How to Style a Gray Hoodie - Cute Hoodie Outfits for Women in fall, winter, and spring